Photo of Chevreuil

Roe deer are found in much of rural france. They are quite small (70cm tall, length to 130cm), and are easily identified as they run away, by their tell-tale white rump. Only male roe-deer have antlers, and these are lost each year and regrown in winter.

The preferred habitat of the roe deer is lightly wooded / forested land, with plentiful hedgerows and open spaces for feeding.

In common with some smaller mammals such as the rabbit and mouse, the roe deer primarily emerges at dawn and twilight, to eat grasses, berries and leaves. They also manage to eat their way through plenty of garden plants from time to time.

It is at dusk on quiet roads and paths that you are most likely to surprise the roe-deer. It is often seen disappearing to view, and heard 'barking' as a warning to others as it goes.

The population of roe deer in France is increasing, and there are quotas set each year for how many can be culled. The meat of the chevreuil is eaten.

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