Photo of Genet

There are 10 species of genet worldwide - it is the Common Genet that lives in parts of France.


Genets are related to mongoose and civets. They are carnivorous, eating usually insects, and small rodents and birds, and use their sharp (retracable) claws to trap their prey.

They have a body rather like a domestic cat, but with almost leopard like 'spot' markings on the greyish-brown fur - very distinctive. The tail is longer and bushier than that of a domestic cat, and the tail of the genet has distintive stripes. The head is small and pointed, and the ears are large.

The genet is about 50 centimetres long, although this is extended to almost 1 metre if the tail is included.

Genets are rarely seen, being nocturnal. They tend to sleep in holes in trees, hollows etc during the day, and their camouflaged coat means you are very unlikely to come across one.

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