Photo of Wildlife in France

Wildlife in France: because of the large size of France, and the large percentage of the country that is still rural and / or forested, there are many intact natural habitats. We introduce some of the more common wildlife in France that you might see on a visit, or might hear and hope you don't see, and some wildlife you are very unlikely to come across.

French wildlife gallery

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Large mammals

Small mammals and insects

Aquatic mammals, animals and reptiles

France has a great range of natural habitats, and the diverse environments lead equally to a great diversity in the wildlife to be found - some species are found quite generally across France while other species are restricted to quite restricted areas of mountains or other specialised environments.

Note: there is a significant difference in climate between the north of the country, the south of France, and the Mediterranean region - these are also important factors in explaining the distribution of wildlife across the regions.


France wildlife photo gallery

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  • alpinemarmot
  • ardennes-horse
  • badger
  • beechmarten
  • brownbear
  • chamois
  • fox
  • genet
  • hare
  • hornet
  • ibex
  • lynx
  • ragondin
  • reddeer
  • roedeer
  • walllizard


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Mythical Creatures

The one thing that France seems to lack is 'mythical wildlife' such as the Beast of Exmoor of England or Loch Ness Monster in Scotland - if such a creature exists somewhere in France please let us know.

The closest I found was the Beast of Gevaudan, a wolf-like creature that terrorised the Lozere department in the 18th century - but it seems that was very probably a man disguised as a wolf.