Photo of Renard

Foxes are widespread in France, but only seen infrequently, being generally afraid of contact with humans. About the size of a small dog, foxes are rarely mistaken for any other animal - their red-orange colouring and white underside, pointed nose and bushy tail are very easily identifiable.

FOX (Renard)

Foxes are extremely nimble, using their tails to aid with balance, and they can pursue thir prey at speeds up to 70 kmh.

Foxes live for about two years, in dens that can be underground or concealed under piles of old wood etc. Unlike wolves, foxes prefer to hunt alone, with rodents, eggs, birds, inseacts and fruit representing the majority of the diet. They usually hunt and eat around dawn and dusk.

It is the risk that they pose to poultry that causes their widespread lack of popularity, and it is common for foxes to be hunted and shot. They do however serve a role in controlling populations of other small mammals such as rabbits that cause damage to crops. They are also commonly blamed for spreading disease.

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