Photo of Camargue horses

Camargue horses - wildlife and animals in France

Camargue horses live in herds in the marshes and wetlands around the Camargue region in the south of France. This is the only place in which they have a natural habitat.

The Camargue horses are small horses, sturdy, tough and intelligent. As they need to be to survive the harsh climate here - very hot in summer, but frequently very cold in winter.

The horses, although usually wild, have owners who ensure their wellbeing. Nowadays many of the horses live semi-wild rather than wild.

They are born brown or black and become more white as they become older. In the photo you can see a brown Camargue foal sleeping.

The Camargue horses are now protected, and new births of thoroughbred Camargues are registered to ensure their continuity. They have lived in the marshes of Camargue for thousands of years.

Because of their qualities - they are also attractive and easily trained - the Camargue horses have a reputation with the public that attracts people from far and wide to see them in their natural habitat. Many a postcard or poster can be found that shows a herd of Camargue horses galloping through the shallow water in the Camargue region.

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