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Photo of Wine map of France

Many visitors to France like to see a vineyard or visit the occasional wine chateaux for a little sampling of the local produce, while many wine enthusiasts make an entire visit planned around visiting the vineyards of their selected region.

The map below shows the main wine-producing regions of France (and below that is a photo gallery of pictures taken in each of the principal wine regions):

Map of the principal wine areas of France

map showing the main wine producing regions of France


Photos of vineyards in the main wine regions of France

Click a photo to start the gallery and learn more about the wine area shown

  • alsace-hunawihr
  • beaujolais-theize
  • bergerac
  • bordeaux-saint-emilion
  • burgundy-solutre
  • champagne
  • corsica
  • cotes-du-rhone
  • languedoc-carcassonne
  • loire-valley
  • provence
  • savoy-alps

Visiting the French wine regions

To explore these areas further see the regional guides for the relevant region - the list below shows the 'official' regions and departments that contain that particular French wine region:

French wine region Tourist region
Alsace Alsace
Armagnac Gascony
Beaujolais Auvergne and Rhone-Alps
Bergerac Dordogne
Bordeaux Gironde
Burgundy Burgundy
Champagne Champagne-Ardennes
Corsica Corsica
Languedoc and Roussillon Languedoc-Roussillon
Loire Centre (Loire Valley)
Provence Provence
Rhone Rhone-Alps
Savoy Franche-Comte and Rhone-Alps
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