Map position of Signal d'Écouves

You can find details of some of the places we suggest you visit near Signal d'Écouves below the map...

List of places in distance order

Distances are direct ("as the crow flies") so driving will be further!

Sees: 12 km

The cathedral is the famous attraction at Sees, but there are other sites of interest in the town and the nearby Ecouves Forest to explore

Sees guide

Alencon: 14 km

There are several sites of historical interest in Alencon, best known as a centre for lace production

Alencon guide

Saint-Ceneri-le-Gerei: 20 km

Saint-Ceneri-le-Gerei is a very pretty village in the Regional Natural Park of Normandie-Marne.

Saint-Ceneri-le-Gerei guide

Les Jardins de la Mansoniere: 20 km

Les Jardins de la Mansoniere is a lovely garden in the charming village of St-Ceneri-le-Gerei

Les Jardins de la Mansoniere guide

Argentan: 22 km

Despite extensive war time damage Argentan has retained several sites of interest

Argentan guide

Fresnay-sur-Sarthe: 30 km

The traditional market hall and remains of a medieval castle, and the river and bridge, are among the sights to enjoy here at Fresnay-sur-Sarthe

Fresnay-sur-Sarthe guide