Map position of Pyrenees Ariegeoises

You can find details of some of the places we suggest you visit near Pyrenees Ariegeoises below the map...

List of places in distance order

Distances are direct ("as the crow flies") so driving will be further!

Foix: 15 km

The narrow medieval streets, the imposing castle above the town and the lovely setting make Foix an unmissable destination in Ariege

Foix guide

Pamiers: 20 km

The largest town in Ariege, Pamiers has several notable monuments including the cathedral and the church

Pamiers guide

Montjoie-en-Couserans: 22 km

The tiny village of Montjoie-en-Couserans is included because it is the start point of a picturesque driving tour of the surrounding villages

Montjoie-en-Couserans guide

Saint-Girons: 23 km

Saint-Girons is a quiet town, a perfect chance to see an unspoiled local town typical of this region

Saint-Girons guide

Saint-Lizier: 24 km

A small village in the Natural Regional Park of the Ariege Pyrenees, Saint-Lizier is very picturesque and also has a cathedral and other notable monuments

Saint-Lizier guide

Grotte de Lombrives: 25 km

Not the most famous caves perhaps but the Grotte de Lombrives is the largest cave system in France

Grotte de Lombrives guide

Tourtouse: 27 km

Although tiny, the castle (and picnic area) in the centre of Tourtouse make a detour recommended

Tourtouse guide

Rieux-Volvestre: 34 km

The stroll along the river and the surrounding medieval red-brick buildings make Rieux-Volvestre an interesting village to visit

Rieux-Volvestre guide

Cazeres: 36 km

Cazeres is not a tourist town, but you might like to visit the Church of Notre Dame of the Assumption when in the region

Cazeres guide