Photo of A long weekend in France

With the advent of cheap flights, and the lower hotel prices available outside high season, a short break in France is both affordable and a great way to get away for a few days. We have visited and reviewed a few of the most popular options for you.

Our main criteria for recommending a particular destination are:

  • We have visited the town and region ourselves and can recommend it!
  • The destination town should have enough places of interest, and restaurants and hotels, to ensure you have a good time
  • The weather should usually be reliable, so our selected destinations are all in the south of France( although fron December to February at least almost everywhere in France risks being a bit cold and damp!)
  • Cheap flights should be generally available to the local airport

Overall our favourite French cities for a getaway (in alphabetical order, not order of preference) are:


Bergerac town centreThere are cheap flights to Bergerac airport all year around, making it the perfect destination for an escape from the winter blues (or autum, summer and spring blues!)

You will also find that there is a lot to discover in the surrounding countryside, making it perfect to combine a stroll around an attractive historical town with meals in quality French restaurants and an excursion or two into the countryside of the Dordogne.

See short breaks in Bergerac for details


BiarritzThe town of Biarritz and the surrounding region are ideal for a short break, with the town itself a pleasure to explore, the chance to stroll along the beach, and lots of interesting places nearby to visit.

Low price flights are also often available to get here from the UK, so it is quite easy and cheap to plan your off-season break.

See short breaks in Biarritz for details

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Bordeaux town centreWith  cheap flights to Bordeaux from the UK it is now very practical to visit Bordeaux for a long weekend without breaking the bank.

Bordeaux centre has a wide range of hotels and an excellent tram-system making car hire unnecessary unless you want to explore the surrounding countryside.

See short breaks in Bordeaux for details


Carcassonne medieval townWith the arrival of cheap flights to Carcassonne from the UK it is now very practical to visit for a long weekend and a have a great time at a very reasonable cost.

We stayed in Carcassonne itself as a base for our visit...

The medieval town of Carcassonne is one of the most popular destinations in France, attracting more than five million visitors each year - not surprising because it is an extraordinary place!

See short breaks in Carcassonne for details


NiceThe French riviera, with Nice and the surrounding coastal towns, is of course best known as a summer holiday destination and the region attracts many millions of visitors each year.

But this coastal part of south-east France also has the most consistently sunny and warm weather to be found in France even in the winter months, and a long weekend here in spring or autumn is sure to be a memorable experience - and a great way to shake off the winter blues until next summer!

See short breaks in Nice for details