Photo of Belfries of France

A total of 56 belfries across France and Belgium have together been listed as a 'combined' World Heritage Site because of their importance and unusual architectural style. 23 of these belfries are in northern France, in the Picardy and North Calais regions of northern France.

Originally these belfries were usually built either as independent towers or as part of a town hall.

The majority were built betwen the 11th and 17th centuries, and are in a variety of architectural styles - gothic, roman, baroque or renaissance, and they were typically constructed as a demonstration of the wealth of a town.

Occasionally belfries also served a second purpose, such as a watchtower, or a tower containing alarm bells, occasionally attached to a church. Belfries are not usually freestanding.

Dunkirk belfryLille belfryAmiens belfry

Belfries at Dunkirk, Lille and Amiens

Listed Belfries



Armentières (Belfry of the City Hall)
Bailleul (Belfry of the City Hall)
Bergues (Belfry)
Cambrai (Belfry of St Martin's Church)
Comines (Belfry of the City Hall)
Douai (Belfry of the City Hall)
Dunkirk (Belfry of the City Hall)
Dunkirk (St Eligius Church)
Gravelines (Belfry)
Lille (Belfry of the City Hall)
Loos (Belfry of the City Hall)

Pas de calais

Aire-sur-la-Lys (Belfry of the City Hall)
Arras (Belfry of the City Hall)
Béthune (Belfry)
Boulogne-sur-Mer (Belfry of the City Hall)
Calais (Belfry of the City Hall)
Hesdin (Belfry of the City Hall)



Abbeville (Belfry)
Amiens (Belfry)
Doullens (Belfry now on tourist information centre, ex town hall)
Lucheux (Belfry on City Gate)
Rue (Belfry)
Saint-Riquier (Belfry)