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Discover some of our favourite churches in France, with our detailed history and visitor guides

Of course, there are many thousands of churches in France: many are spectacular and others are small buildings in the centre of a village, some preserve their original roman or gothic style, others have been rebuilt or restructured. We can't hope to visit all the churches in France, but when we do come across one as we explore that merits a detour to be visited, we include it here...


Ainhoa church of Notre-Dame

Ainhoa church of Notre-Dame (Pyrenees-Atlantiques)

The church in Ainhoa is a traditional Basque church with rows of balconies around the walls

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Basilica Notre-Dame in Penne d'Agenais

Basilica Notre-Dame in Penne d'Agenais (Lot-et-Gronne)

The basilica Notre-Dame in the village of Penne d'Agenais is a 19th century church in the roman-byzantine style with views over the valley of the Lot

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Bordeaux Cathedral

Bordeaux Cathedral (Gironde)

Bordeaux cathedral is a gothic cathedral in the heart of Bordeaux's historic old town.

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Church Sainte-Croix in Oloron-Sainte-Marie

Church Sainte-Croix in Oloron-Sainte-Marie (Pyrenees-Atlantiques)

The Church Sainte-Croix is an interesting roman style church built in the 12th century

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Hendaye church Saint-Vincent

Hendaye church Saint-Vincent (Pyrenees-Atlantiques)

The Church Saint-Vincent in Hendaye has a charming interior of tiered balconies and red walls

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Saint-Jean-de-Luz church

Saint-Jean-de-Luz church (Pyrenees-Atlantiques)

The church of Saint John the Baptist in Saint-Jean-de-Luz has a remarkable interior with a baroque altar and tiered balconies

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Sauveterre church of Saint-André

Sauveterre church of Saint-André (Pyrenees-Atlantiques)

The church of Saint-André in Sauveterre is an interesting and charming roman style church built in the 12th century

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The Subterranean Monolithic Church of Saint-Jean

The Subterranean Monolithic Church of Saint-Jean (Charente)

The Monolithic Subterranean Church of Saint-Jean in Aubeterre-sur-Dronne is a magnificent underground church hewn from the rock.

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Clermont-Ferrand basilica

Clermont-Ferrand basilica (Puy-de-Dome)

The basilica of Notre-Dame-du-Port in Clermont-Ferrand is one of the most important romanesque churches in the Auvergne

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Dinan basilica of Saint-Sauveur

Dinan basilica of Saint-Sauveur (Cotes-d'Armor)

The basilica of Saint-Sauveur in Dinan incorporates romanesque elements from the 12th century and gothic elements from the 15th century

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Dinan church of Saint-Malo

Dinan church of Saint-Malo (Cotes-d'Armor)

The Church of Saint-Malo in Dinan is a large 15th century church with interesting architectural features

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Guingamp Basilica of Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours

Guingamp Basilica of Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours (Cotes-d'Armor)

The Basilica in Guingamp is an interesting mix of archtectural styles and includes an ancient statue of the black Virgin

See Guingamp Basilica of Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours guide


Paray-le-Monial basilica

Paray-le-Monial basilica (Saone-et-Loire)

Paray-le-Monial basilica is an impressive 12th century church in the romanesque style

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Vézelay basilica

Vézelay basilica (Yonne)

The basilica in Vézelay is a monumental example of roman style architecture, with 12th century carvings among its highlights

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Loire Valley

Basilica of Saint-Martin in Tours

Basilica of Saint-Martin in Tours (Indre-et-Loire)

The basilica Saint-Martin is an imposing neo-byzantine church in the town of Tours

See Basilica of Saint-Martin in Tours guide
Candes-Saint-Martin collegiate church

Candes-Saint-Martin collegiate church (Indre-et-Loire)

The collegiate church of Candes-Saint-Martin has numerous medieval statues incorporated in the facade and porch

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Sanctuary of Rocamadour

Sanctuary of Rocamadour (Lot)

The Sanctuary in Rocamadour is a historic pilgrimage site

See Sanctuary of Rocamadour guide


Lisieux Basilica

Lisieux Basilica (Calvados)

The basilica in Lisieux is a 20th century church built in tribute to Saint-Therese, who lived in the town

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Paris region

Basilica de Sacre Coeur

Basilica de Sacre Coeur (Paris)

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart is one of the most famous Paris landmarks, and stands in Montmartre on the highest hill in the city so also has exceptional views

See Basilica de Sacre Coeur guide
Basilica of Saint-Denis

Basilica of Saint-Denis (Paris)

In the Basilica of Saint-Denis, where many of the French kings are buried, you can admire one of the very first gothic style cathedrals to be built

See Basilica of Saint-Denis guide
Eglise de la Madeleine

Eglise de la Madeleine (Paris)

The Eglise de la Madeleine is a most unusual church, being built under orders from Napoleon to resemble a traditional Greek temple

See Eglise de la Madeleine guide

Sainte-Chapelle (Paris)

Sainte-Chapelle, on the Ile de la Cité in Paris, is an important gothic chapel with remarkable stained glass windows

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Pays de la Loire

Collegiate Church of Saint-Martin

Collegiate Church of Saint-Martin (Maine-et-Loire)

The Collegiate Church of Saint-Martin in Angers combines 1500 years of religious architecture with an impressive display of religious artwork

See Collegiate Church of Saint-Martin guide


Church Sainte-Radegonde of Talmont

Church Sainte-Radegonde of Talmont ()

The Church Sainte-Radegonde is a roman style church of the 12th century on the coast at Talmont-sur-Gironde

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Melle Church of Saint-Hilaire

Melle Church of Saint-Hilaire (Deux-Sevres)

The church of Saint-Hilare in Melle is a very impressive example of 12th century architecture

See Melle Church of Saint-Hilaire guide


Basilica of Saint-Michael the Archangel in Menton

Basilica of Saint-Michael the Archangel in Menton (Alpes-Maritimes)

The basilica of Saint-Michael the archangel in Menton is a baroque style church built in the 18th century

See Basilica of Saint-Michael the Archangel in Menton guide


Collegiale Saint-Barnard of Romans-sur-Isère

Collegiale Saint-Barnard of Romans-sur-Isère (Drome)

The collegiale church in Romans-sur-Isere is a 12th-13th century church with medieval artworks

See Collegiale Saint-Barnard of Romans-sur-Isère guide

Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette (Isere)

The church and mountainous setting of Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette are the second most important pilgrimage destination in France

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