Photo of Cote d'Amour

The Cote d'Amour is the name given to the coast west of Nantes and just south of Guerande, that runs north of the Loire estuary from Saint-Nazaire to Le Croisic - that is, the coast of the Guerande peninsula in western France. This coastline includes the Cote Sauvage, the most north-western stretch, which runs from Le Croisic to le Pouliguen.

The name 'Cote d'Amour' was chosen to promote the coast in the region at the beginning of the 20th century when the region first started to develop as a popular tourist destination. It was selected as the winner in a competition run by a local newspaper!

Resorts of the Cote d'Amour

France This Way review: although we mention several resorts and villages below, most are quite small or quiet: La Baule is the main resort here and Le Croisic the main fishing village, and these will form the centre of most visits to the Côte d'Amour.

The coast here offers several fine sandy beaches, along with rock sections and caves to explore, some traditional port towns, and resorts that have developed more recently. The principal resorts and destinations along the Cote d'Amour include:

La Baule

La Baule-Escoblac resort on the Cote d'Amour

Towards the southern end of the Cote d'Amour La Baule has a very long sandy beach backed by expensive hotels. This is the principal resort on the Cote d'Amour, and has more activities, shops and restaurants than the others nearby. See La Baule.

Moving west along the coast, the main towns are Pornichet (especially popular with children and young families) and Le Pouliguen, with several attractive beaches en route.

Le Croisic

Le Croisic fishing village on the Cote d'Amour

Le Croisic at the end of the peninsula is an active fishing port, although tourism has taken over as main earner for the town.

The splendid villas in the town date from the days when Le Croisic was a worldwide supplier of salt, and it is a pleasure to stroll along the seafront here. See Le Croisic.

Other noteworthy places along the Cote d'Amour include La Turballe, a busy port, and Piriac-sur-Mer.

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Le Batz resort on the Cote d'Amour

A smaller resort than most along the Cote d'Amour, Batz-sur-Mer also has a lovely beach. See Batz-sur-Mer.

The small resort of Quimiac and the village of Mesquer are also within the Cote d'Amour region.


Historic Guérande on the Cote d'Amour

If you can drag yourself away from the beach for a while the walled town at Guerande has a historical centre that is a pleasure to explore. See Guerande.

Map of the Cote d'Amour

If you continue to explore south from Saint-Nazaire (at the southern end of the Côte d'Amour) you reach the Jade Coast.