Top 10 French criminals in France

1. Jacques de Bernonville - war criminal, Jacques de Bernonenville was a police officer in the Vichy regime during World War 2 in France, and actively hunted down resistance fighters. After the end of the war he took refuge in Canada, then Brazil, and managed to evade justice. He was murdered in 1972... Jacques de Bernonville

2. Jules Bonnot - 1912 anarchist. Part of the Bonnot Gang based in France during 1911 and 1912, they were most notorious for using cars and repeating rifles. Famously, in 1911, they were the first ever robbers to use a getaway car. After a year of brutal robberies and killings the gang were captured in large police/army raids and executed, sentenced to hard labour and life in prison, or deported... Jules Bonnot

3. Émile Louis - in the 1970s in the Burgundy region of France several young women disappeared - all were mentally handicapped. Emile Louis confessed to the murders, although he subsequently retracted his confession. He is currently in prison for the rape and torture of his wife and daughter, following earlier imprisonment for various sex related crimes... Emile Louis

4. Henri Désiré Landru - serial killer, in the years after 1914 Landru placed ads in lonely hearts columns, attracted women to his apartment, then murder and dismember them and burn the bodies in his oven. eventually he was tried and convicted for 11 murders, and was sentenced to death by guillotine... Henri Landru

5. Jacques Mesrine - bank robber and kidnapper, Jacques Mesrine claimed to have murdered 39 people during a life of crime that spread between Europe and North America. He was also a dedicated burglar and kidnapper, and also became accomplished at escaping from prison. he was tracked down and shot by the police in 1979... Jacques Mesrine


6. Zacarias Moussaoui - plotter in the September 11 2001 attacks on the World Trade centre

7. Maurice Papon - politician and war criminal, Maurice papon was a senior figure in the French Vichy government. After the war he concealed his past for many years, but eventually was identified and later tried for crimes against humanity in 1997. Due to age and ill health he was released in 2002 after serving just three years in prison. He never expressed remorse for his role in Jewish deportations... Maurice Papon

8. Marcel Petiot - serial killer and doctor Marcel Petiot is believed to have kileed more than 60 people - he was convicted after the remains of 26 of them were found at his Paris home. he was executed in 1946... Marcel Petiot

9. Albert Spaggiari - a bank robber in the finest tradition, Albert Spaggiari masterminded a robbery at Société Générale bank in Nice in 1976. Two months of digging from a sewer under the bank enabled the gang to access the vault just in time for Bastille Day bank holiday. they then passed the weekend opening hundreds of safety deposit boxes, wining and dining, before escaping. To continue the 'film' like story, he then managed to escape from the court by jumping from a window, evaded further capture, and passed the rest of his life in hiding, possibly in Argentina but equally possibly within France... Albert Spaggiari

10. Paul Touvier - One of only two Frenchman to be convicted of crimes against humanity (see Maurice Papon above) Paul Touvier had earlier been charged for treason for the role he played in the Vichy government, but was later reprieved. Charges for crimes against humanity were first brought in 1973, but due to various delays (including Touvier being in hiding) a trial didn't begin until 1994. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, and died from cancer two years later... Paul Touvier