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On occasions contributors send us articles or photos about a location or other information about France. If we have paid for this contribution or photo the copyright of the article or photo transfers to us and the contributor may not reuse the same information elsewhere without our written permission.

If we have not paid (e.g. many people submit photographs of places in France, comments, and details of events using our online form without receiving payment) the copyright remains with the original owner - for example, if you share a photograph with us without payment the copyright of that photo of course remains with you.

In places where we lack the necessary local knowledge, we have sometimes relied on the information and or photos available in wikipedia and used under the appropriate copyright licence. We believe we have credited every such item with the appropriate copyright licence - such text / photos can be reproduced under the same copyright terms.

Occasionally it is brought to our attention that we have used a photo or text without providing full or appropriate credit. We receive many articles and photos from contributors and may not have been aware of the original copyright, or may simply have made a mistake ourselves.

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Photo Copyright

Photos on this site come from various sources:

Photos we have taken ourselves or photos we have purchased

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Photos that have been contributed

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Photos from other sources

On occasion we use photos from wikipedia and wikipedia commons. Unless these are 'public domain' photos which can be used by anyone in an unrestricted way these photos are credited with the appropriate copyright. These pictures can be used elsewhere under the quoted copyright terms.