There are several options for placing adverts on France This Way - advertisers have different requirements so use the form below and tell us what you want and we will let you know a price!

See below the form for details of prices and options

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Information for advertisers

Every page where adverts can be placed shows a price per year in the footer, usually:

  • 6 euros / pounds per year for pages that show a summary of highlights for a place
  • 30 euros / pounds per year for pages that show a detailed description of a place or attraction (may vary)
  • 48 euros / pounds per year for pages that show a description of the principal highlights in a department or region

Discounts are available for adverts on multiple pages: 10% discount for 5 pages or more, 20% discount for 10 pages or more

Adverts are shown in the main 'body' of the article - this ensures they are seen by all visitors, whether they are using computers, tablets and portables

To see examples of the position of the adverts, see the advert for 'Dordogne Attractions' on pages Urval guide and Urval highlights. For other advert positions on the pages please contact us.

How to proceed

Complete the form above and we will contact you with a quote / invoice and payment details. Please include all relevant information, including the urls or page titles from the pages where you would like to advertise.

If you have other requirements just let us know and we will work something out. If your requirements are too complicated for the form, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Other information

- All ads are non-refundable.

- All prices include VAT (TVA in France) at 20%.

- We will always require your name and address in order to prepare an invoice - this is a legal requirement in France. Your email address, name and address will be used for no other purpose, and of course never sold or passed to third parties.

- Payment is using paypal (cheques and bank transfers are possible for advertisers with a euro bank account).

- Adverts will only go live after payment is received

- all adverts are accepted at our discretion, only appropriate and child-friendly ads will be accepted

The number of pageviews any page receives during a year varies widely and changes a lot from year to year so we are not able to make claims or promises about these. France This Way gets about 1 million page views each month in spring and summer, less in autumn and winter.