Adverts on France This Way

Why do we have ads on this website?

It is quite expensive maintaining and updating a large and infomative website, and to pay for this we need to use advertising on the site.

- We do not charge for access to any part of the site, and help millions of people each year to plan their holidays and activities.

- we are not part of a large travel group, there are just two of us working hard plus occasional (very welcome) contributions from our site visitors

If you book your hotels, car hire etc. through one of the ads on our website we receive a small commission, which helps pay for the costs. We only recommend travel partners that we regularly use ourselves, and you pay no extra for using these ads.

The main travel partners we work with include for hotels and villas, (part of the same travel group as for car rentals and airbnb for other accomodation options.

We would be very grateful if you could book through these companies using the ads on our site - you will get a great deal and we can keep providing useful information!