Rhone-Alpes places to visit and attractions

Below you can explore some of the most popular highlights and places of interest in the Rhone-Alpes region. See also our Rhone-Alpes travel guide.

photo of Abondance

Abondance (Haute-Savoie)

It will be the mountain scenery around Abondance that dominates your visit, but be sure to also visit the Saint abbey and its cloisters in the town
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photo of Ailhon

Ailhon (Ardeche)

The beauty of Ailhon is the chance to follow the footpaths through the forests between the separate hamlets
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photo of Aix-les-Bains

Aix-les-Bains (Savoie)

Aix-les-Bains is one of the best preserved 'belle-epoque' spa towns in France
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photo of Alba-la-Romaine

Alba-la-Romaine (Ardeche)

Larger than many of the Ardeche villages, Alba-la-Romaine also has a very picturesque historic centre to explore
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photo of Albertville

Albertville (Savoie)

Albertville is a large active town, with Conflans, a pretty village on the hill above, the highlight
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photo of Alpe-d'Huez

Alpe-d'Huez (Isere)

The well known ski station of Alpe d'Huez is also famous for the Tour de France mountain climb that takes place here
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photo of Annecy

Annecy (Haute-Savoie)

Annecy is a very lovely town with a great deal to enjoy, enhanced further by the mountain backdrop
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photo of Anse

Anse (Rhone)

The quiet town of Anse retains some Roman remains that hint at its importance 2000 years ago
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photo of Antraigues-sur-Volane

Antraigues-sur-Volane (Ardeche)

Antraigues-sur-Volane is a small medieval perched village, with most activity centred around its central square at the top of the hill
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photo of Aubenas

Aubenas (Ardeche)

The Chateau d'Aubenas and the belvedere next to the castle are the highlight of your visit to the town of Aubenas
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photo of Aubres

Aubres (Drome)

The cobbled paths, vaulted passages and ancient arches entice you to further explore the small village of Aubres
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photo of Avoriaz

Avoriaz (Haute-Savoie)

The use of local materials for building and the stunning location make Avoriaz one of the most popular Alpine ski resorts
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photo of Bagnols

Bagnols (Rhone)

Bagnols village with a castle is one of the pretty villages to explore in the Beaujolais region
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photo of Balazuc

Balazuc (Ardeche)

After exploring ancient Balazuc you descend further to reach the Ardeche river
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photo of Banne

Banne (Ardeche)

The exceptional views from Banne are the highlight, and the streets of the small village and castle ruins are also highlights
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photo of Beaufort

Beaufort (Savoie)

Beaufort is one of the smallest Alpine ski resorts, which attracts skiers looking for a more 'personal' experience
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photo of Belleville

Belleville (Rhone)

Not an important tourist town, Belleville does have a couple of sites of interest if you are nearby
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photo of Belley

Belley (Ain)

The cathedral and adjacent historic centre are the highlight of your visit to Belley
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photo of Bonneval-sur-Arc

Bonneval-sur-Arc (Savoie)

At Bonneval, listed among the 'most beautiful villages of France', you can discover a very traditional mountain village
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photo of Bourg-en-Bresse

Bourg-en-Bresse (Ain)

As well as exploring the cathedral and town centre of Bourg-en-Bresse, allow time to visit th nearby Royal Monastery of Brou
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photo of Chambery

Chambery (Savoie)

Chambery is a very lively university town which is very pleasant to visit and explore
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photo of Chamonix

Chamonix (Haute-Savoie)

One of the most famous Alpine ski resorts, Chamonix is very close to Mont Blanc
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photo of Collegiale Saint-Barnard of Romans-sur-Isère

Collegiale Saint-Barnard of Romans-sur-Isère (Drome)

The collegiale church in Romans-sur-Isere is a 12th-13th century church with medieval artworks
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photo of Courchevel

Courchevel (Savoie)

Courchevel, ski resort in the 'Three Valleys region', is also popular with summer mountain visitors
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photo of Cremieu

Cremieu (Isere)

With some of the most extensive medieval ramparts in France, Cremieu also has an interesting historic centre
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photo of Crest

Crest (Drome)

The castle keep and its views are the most unmissable highlight when you visit Crest
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photo of Desaignes

Desaignes (Ardeche)

The ramparts, medieval gateways and village centre are the highlights of your visit to Desaignes in the Monts d'Ardeche Regional Natural Park
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photo of Deux-Alpes

Deux-Alpes (Isere)

Les DeuxAlpes is one of the longest established and most popular Alpine ski resorts
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photo of Divonne-les-Bains

Divonne-les-Bains (Ain)

A pleasant 19th century spa town, Divonne-les-Bains also now has a leisure lake and golf course
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photo of Dombes

Dombes (Ain)

The Dombes, with thousands of small lakes, is perfect for fishing and bird-watching
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photo of Ecrins National Park

Ecrins National Park (Isere)

Ecrins National Park is a very popular and very scenic National Park in the heart of the French Alps
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photo of Eveux

Eveux (Rhone)

Eveux, in the Rhone, is visited for the La Tourette Monastery designed by Le Corbusier
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photo of Evian

Evian (Haute-Savoie)

Evian is a very lovely town, also well known as a spa town and for the bottled water from here that is famous worldwide
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photo of Gorges de l'Ardeche

Gorges de l'Ardeche (Ardeche)

The Gorges de l'Ardeche are one of the most scenic highlights in France, whether following the road along the rim or canoeing along the river
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photo of Grenoble

Grenoble (Isere)

Known as the 'capital of the Alps', Grenoble has a great deal of interesting sights. Don't miss the cable car!
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photo of Grignan

Grignan (Drome)

As well as the castle that dominates the hillside village of Grignan you will also discover various other places of interest
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photo of Jaujac

Jaujac (Ardeche)

The most unusual characteristic in Jaujac is the deep river gorge running through the centre of the village
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photo of Joyeuse

Joyeuse (Ardeche)

Explore the castle and medieval centre of Joyeuse - then head to the river beach to cool down!
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photo of La Clusaz

La Clusaz (Haute-Savoie)

La Clusaz is one of the smaller ski resorts and very popular with French families
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photo of La Garde-Adhemar

La Garde-Adhemar (Drome)

Lovely views, a medieval garden, a 12th century roman style church are just some of the highlights in La Garde-Adhemar
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photo of Labeaume

Labeaume (Ardeche)

Both the medieval village and the river beach combine to make Labeaume very rewarding to visit
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photo of Lake Annecy

Lake Annecy (Haute-Savoie)

The towns, villages and scenery around Lake Annecy make it an exceptional region to explore
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photo of Le Poet-Laval

Le Poet-Laval (Drome)

The cobbled streets of ancient Le Poet-Laval are pedestrianized, which adds further to the appeal of this lovely village
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photo of Les Arcs

Les Arcs (Savoie)

Centred around Bourg-Saint-Maurice and within the Paradiski ski region, the Les Arcs ski ae is always very popular
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photo of Les-7-Laux

Les-7-Laux (Isere)

Its proximity to Grenoble means that the ski resort of Les 7-Laux is busy throughout the winter season
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photo of Lyon

Lyon (Rhone)

Lyon has all the impressive buildings and monuments, museums, shops and restaurants that you would expect from one of the most important towns in France.
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photo of Lyon Old Town

Lyon Old Town (Rhone)

In Vieux Lyon there are numerous impressive townhouses of the 16th century, a cathedral, and picturesque paved streets to explore
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photo of Lyon Presqu'ile

Lyon Presqu'ile (Rhone)

The Presqu'ile region of Lyon is characterised by 19th century architecture and upmarket shops
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photo of Malleval

Malleval (Loire)

We found Malleval to be one of the loveliest villages in the Regional Natural Park of Pilat
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photo of Megeve

Megeve (Haute-Savoie)

Megeve is among the most prestigious of the French ski resorts and also an active town
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photo of Mens

Mens (Isere)

The small town of Mens is quite isolated but certainly worth exploring if you are nearby
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photo of Menthon Saint Bernard

Menthon Saint Bernard (Haute-Savoie)

After exploring the quaint village of Menthon-Saint-Bernard you can hire a boat to explore the shores of Lake Annecy
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photo of Meribel

Meribel (Savoie)

Part of the extensive 'Trois Vallées' ski region, Meribel is extremely popular and has many activities available
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photo of Meyras

Meyras (Ardeche)

Smaller than many of the Ardeche villages, you will see an ancient covered passageway and a couple of trompe l'oeil paintings in the centre of Meyras
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photo of Mirmande

Mirmande (Drome)

The medieval vilage of Mirmande retains its original ramparts and it really is one of the 'most beautiful villages in France'
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photo of Montbrun-les-Bains

Montbrun-les-Bains (Drome)

The medieval centre of Montbrun-les-Bains, listed as a 'most beautiful village in France', is fascinating to explore
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photo of Montelimar

Montelimar (Drome)

The town of Montelimar is famous worldwide for its nougat - be sure to sample some!
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photo of Morzine

Morzine (Haute-Savoie)

Morzine is a popular ski resort within the Portes du Soleil ski region in the northern Alps
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photo of Naves

Naves (Ardeche)

Stroll through the pretty village of Naves and you will see progressively more ancient houses disappearing back into the landscape
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photo of Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette

Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette (Isere)

The church and mountainous setting of Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette are the second most important pilgrimage destination in France
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photo of Nyons

Nyons (Drome)

The lively lower town and the narrow streets around the castle in the old town combine to make Noyons a pleasure to visit
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photo of Oingt

Oingt (Rhone)

Completely renovated in recent years, Oingt is one of the prettiest villages in the Beaujolais wine region
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photo of Palais Ideal

Palais Ideal (Drome)

One of the most unusual monuments in France, the Palais-Idéal is a fantastic creation that incorporates many different styles
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photo of Pelussin

Pelussin (Loire)

The Chateau de Virieu and the old market hall are among the highlights when you visit Pelussin
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photo of Perouges

Perouges (Ain)

The hillside walled town of perouges is among our favourite villages to be found in France
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photo of Pont d'Arc

Pont d'Arc (Ardeche)

The small beach and beautiful setting make Pont d'Arc a very beautiful and popular site
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photo of Pont-en-Royans

Pont-en-Royans (Isere)

The centre of Pont-en-Royans, with medieval houses along the cliffs above the river gorge, is the highlight for visitors
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photo of Privas

Privas (Ardeche)

Privas is not a major destination but a visit is leasant when you are exploring the Ardeche countryside
See guide

photo of Puygiron

Puygiron (Drome)

The small castle and pretty gardens add further to the charm of the small village of Puygiron
See guide

photo of Romans-sur-Isere

Romans-sur-Isere (Drome)

The Collegiale church of Saint-Bernard is the highlight of a visit to the large town of Romans-sur-Isere
See guide

photo of Saint Gervais Les Bains

Saint Gervais Les Bains (Haute-Savoie)

It is the views of, and access to, Mont-Blanc which is the principal attraction of Saint-Gervais-les-Bains
See guide

photo of Saint-Antoine-l'Abbaye

Saint-Antoine-l'Abbaye (Isere)

The village of St Antoine l'Abbaye, best known for its abbey complex, is listed among the 'most beautiful villages in France'
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photo of Saint-Etienne

Saint-Etienne (Loire)

Originally an industrial town, regeneration of the Place Jean Jaures, the cathedral and the town centre in Saint-Etienne now make it a pleasant town to visit
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photo of Saint-Montan

Saint-Montan (Ardeche)

Climbing the steep cobbled streets to the castle at the top of the village you see lots of lovely houses in ancient Saint-Montan
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photo of Sainte-Croix-en-Jarez

Sainte-Croix-en-Jarez (Loire)

Sainte-Croix-en-Jarez, now a 'most beautiful village in France' is unusual because it started life as a series of monastery buildings
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photo of Sallanches

Sallanches (Haute-Savoie)

While Mont-Blanc and the mountain scenery is the main attraction, Sallanches itself is pleasant to explore
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photo of Sixt-Fer-a-Cheval

Sixt-Fer-a-Cheval (Haute-Savoie)

Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval is one of the 'most beautiful villages in France' and most visited for the easy access to several very scenic natural highlights
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photo of Tain-l'Hermitage

Tain-l'Hermitage (Drome)

A town for gourmands, Tain-l'Hermitage is visited for its excellent local chocolates and the Cotes-du-Rhone wines
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photo of Talloires

Talloires (Haute-Savoie)

Talloires is one of the most lovely of the villages on the shores of Lake Annecy
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photo of Theize

Theize (Rhone)

The quiet village of Theizé makes a pleasant detour when exploring the Beaujolais wine region
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photo of Thonon les Bains

Thonon les Bains (Haute-Savoie)

Tourist activity here at Thonon-les-Bains on Lac Leman is based around the lakefront, views across the lake, boat-trips across the lake...
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photo of Thueyts

Thueyts (Ardeche)

Thueyts is more 'renovated' than many of the Ardeche 'villages of character' and has lots of architectural highlights
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photo of Tignes

Tignes (Savoie)

The ski resort of Tignes is made up of several smaller, interconnected villges
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photo of Tournon-sur-Rhone

Tournon-sur-Rhone (Ardeche)

In Tournon-sur-Rhone there are several interesting monuments to explore and also the Eden Parc woodland garden and views
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photo of Trevoux

Trevoux (Ain)

The quiet town of Trevoux in Ain has several historical monuments paying testament to its past importance
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photo of Val d'Isere

Val d'Isere (Savoie)

Home to the Alpine Ski World Cup and part of the Espace Killy ski region, Val d'Isere is a very international ski resort
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photo of Val Thorens

Val Thorens (Savoie)

The high altitude skiing at Val Thorens mean it has a longer season than many ski resorts in the Alps
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photo of Valence

Valence (Drome)

Although the famous local vineyards are the main attraction there is a great deal of interest in Valence itself
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photo of Vallon Pont d'Arc

Vallon Pont d'Arc (Ardeche)

Because of the proximity to the Gorges de l'Ardeche and the lively holiday atmosphere Vallon Pont d'Arc is a good base for exploring
See guide

photo of Valmorel

Valmorel (Savoie)

The low-rise buildings and traditional materials help preseve the charm of the ski resort of Valmorel
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photo of Vanoise National Park

Vanoise National Park (Savoie)

The stunning mountain scenery in the Vanoise National Park ensure its year around popularity with outdoor enthusiasts
See guide

photo of Veyrier du Lac

Veyrier du Lac (Haute-Savoie)

The port area is among the highlights in this pretty village on the banks of Lake Annecy
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photo of Vienne (town)

Vienne (town) (Isere)

The combination of both Roman and medieval monuments in Vienne make it one of the most interesting towns in Isere
See guide

photo of Viviers

Viviers (Ardeche)

The town of Viviers contains some interesting buildings and a nice view across the Rhone, although the town is also rather neglected in places
See guide

photo of Vogue

Vogue (Ardeche)

Dominated by its castle, the beautiful village of Vogue is one of our favourite Ardeche villages
See guide

photo of Yvoire

Yvoire (Haute-Savoie)

The village of Yvoire on the banks of Lake Geneva is extraordinarily pretty and one of our personal favourite French villages
See guide

For more information see the Rhone-Alpes guide

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Tourist attractions to visit in Rhone-Alpes

The following sites have received official "tourist classifications"...


Aquarium de Lyon

Aquarium du Lac du Bourget

Grand Sites of France

Aven d'Orgnac

Cirque de Sixt Fer a Cheval: See tourist guide

Gorges de l'Ardeche: See tourist guide

UNESCO world heritage sites

Historic Lyon: See tourist guide

Villages classified as "most beautiful villages"

Balazuc: See tourist guide

Bonneval: See tourist guide

Mirmande: See tourist guide

Oingt: See tourist guide

Perouges: See tourist guide

Saint-Antoine-l'Abbaye: See tourist guide

Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval: See tourist guide

Vogue: See tourist guide

Yvoire: See tourist guide

National Monuments

Brou Royal Monastery

Voltaire Chateau

Towns classified as Recommended Detours



Cremieu: See tourist guide

Crest: See tourist guide

La Roche-sur-Foron

Nyons: See tourist guide




Sallanches: See tourist guide

Trevoux: See tourist guide


Regional Natural Parcs


Massif des Bauges

Monts d'Ardeche



Secteur Sauvegardé (protected historical town centre)

Chambery: See tourist guide

Lyon: See tourist guide

Viviers: See tourist guide

Theme Park

Walibi Rhone Alpes

Towns of Art and History

Albertville: See tourist guide

Annecy: See tourist guide

Chambery: See tourist guide

Grenoble: See tourist guide

Saint-Etienne: See tourist guide

Valence: See tourist guide

Vienne: See tourist guide

4* Towns in Bloom

Aix-les-Bains: See tourist guide

Annecy: See tourist guide




Evian-les-Bains: See tourist guide

Megeve: See tourist guide







Valence: See tourist guide


Yvoire: See tourist guide

Zoo or wildlife park

Jardin zoologique de la ville de Lyon

La Ferme aux crocodiles

Parc animalier de Courzieu

Parc de la Tête d'Or

Parc zoologique de Saint-Martin-la-Plaine