Map of France

There are several maps of France on this page - please select the one you are interested in:

Regions & departments in France

Use the map below to quickly find our detailed review for any region, department or place in France and access our detailed guide for that destination.


Each of these individual regions, departments and places on francethisway also has a more detailed map showing many of the highlights and places in that French region or near the selected destination.

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Map of the regions of France



Note: starred places are the prefecture towns (capitals) of each department.

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Map of the departments of France

Map showing the departments of France


Every region in France is further divided into departments (see departments of France for information).

Relief map of France

relief map of France


The relief map shows all the important mountain ranges in France, as well as important rivers.

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Maps on France This Way

Maps are widely used on france this way:

1) To explore France and to help you find things that will interest you where you are going, by identifying other places and tourist attractions that are close by:

  • every 'place' review on the site has a location map showing several local places of interest, and a link to a page with a detailed map showing all places of interest within about 50 kilometers - these maps are the easiest way to plan a visit
  • every 'region' and department review also has a summary map of highlights

2) For planning your route between places in France and for route instructions see our France driving distances maps

3) Find the weather forecast for any region on the French weather map

4) We also have maps for specific items of interest, for example:

5) Various areas of regional interest such as the valley of the river Dropt and the Ardeche villages also include maps

More information

If there is a map we have overlooked or would be useful for plannng a visit to France please let us know. We are always adding new places and information but please also let us know if you think your town or favourite destination should be added!