Finistere places to visit and attractions

Below you can explore some of the most popular highlights and places of interest in the Finistere department of Brittany. See also our Finistere travel guide

Armorique Regional Park

photo of Armorique Regional Park

The Armorique regional park is a lovely way to enjoy the countryside of Brittany both on and away from the coast

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photo of Audierne

The picturesque harbour area and the proximity of beaches combine to endure the popularity of Audierne

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photo of Benodet

The long established resort of Benodet has a very scenic harbour for your promenade!

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photo of Camaret

The pleasure port, local beaches, historic monuments and prehistoric standing stones nearby all make Camaret a popular Brittany destination

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photo of Concarneau

Now listed as a town of art and history, you will find lots of interesting monuments in Concarneau

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photo of Crozon

The Crozon peninsula in western Brittany has an ideal combination of villages, coastline and beaches

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photo of Douarnenez

Tourism based around the beaches and pleasure port have largely overtaken fishing as the principal industry at Douarnenez

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photo of Guerlesquin

Guerlesquin, listed as a 'small city of character', is a lovely way to see the traditional granite architecture for which Brittany is renowned

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photo of Huelgoat

The walk through the ancient forest that is accessed from Huelgoat town centre is very popular with visitors

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Ile Molene and Ouessant

photo of Ile Molene and Ouessant

The remote and barren landscapes of the Molene islands are fascinating and now a listed World Biosphere Reserve

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photo of Ile-de-Batz

The Ile-de-Batz is one of the most popular Brittany islands, with a pretty harbour, beaches, semi-tropical gardens and scenic coastline to enjoy

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photo of Ile-de-Sein

As well as lovely scenery you will also enjoy exploring the village on the remote island of Ile-de-Sein, now listed among the most beautiful villages in France

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Iles des Glenan

photo of Iles des Glenan

The uninhabited islands of the Glenan archipelago are now a popular nature reserve and diving centre

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photo of Landerneau

Among the highlights in the center of Landerneau, the medieval houses next to the bridge are our favourite

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Le Conquet

photo of Le Conquet

The surrounding rocky coastline is the main attraction here, and the village of Le Conquet itself is also pleasant to explore

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Le Faou

photo of Le Faou

The attractive harbour and traditional wooden houses explain why Le Faou is now listed amng the most beautiful villages in France

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photo of Locquirec

Locquirec is a quiet tradional Brittany town, visited above all for its sandy beaches

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photo of Locronan

Locronan, listed among the 'most beautiful villages in France' is one of our favourite villages in Britany

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photo of Morgat

The long sandy beach at Morgat has been the centre of activity here for more than 100 years, since the resort was first established

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photo of Morlaix

The pleasure port is the center of activity in the lively town of Morlaix

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photo of Plouezoch

At Plouezoc'h you wil enjoy a stroll around the town, and the view to the Chateau de Taurea on a small island

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Pont l'Abbe

photo of Pont l'Abbe

One of the quieter towns in Finistere, the port in Pont-l'Abbé and the walk long the river make for a very pleasant visit

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photo of Pont-Aven

The watermills and harbour area give Pont-Aven its own special appeal

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photo of Pont-Croix

The Collegiale Church of Notre-Dame de Roscudon and the narow surrounding streets are the highlight of your visit to Pont-Croix

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photo of Quimper

The important town of Quimper is also one of the most visited in Brittany, especially for the half-timbered houses and the cathedral

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photo of Quimperle

The extremely pretty centre of Quimperlé make it one of the loveliest small towns in Finistere

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photo of Roscoff

Think Roscoff is just a ferry terminal? Take time o explore the historic centre!

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photo of Saint-Pol-de-Leon

The highlight of your visit to Saint-Pol-de-Léon migh be the 15th century Cathedral Saint-Paul-Aurelien - or it might be a nearby beach!

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For more information see the Finistere guide


Market towns & days in Finistere

all markets in morning unless otherwise stated

Audierne: Wednesday & Saturday
Benodet: Monday
Brest: every day
Brignogan-Plage: Friday (high season only)
Carantec: Thursday
Carhaix-Plouguer: Saturday all day
Chateaulin: Thursday all day
Combrit: Wednesday
Concarneau: Monday & Friday
Crozon: Monday
Douarnenez: Wednesday & Monday & Friday
Fouesnant: Friday
Fouesnant: Wednesday (high season only)
Guilvinec: Sunday (high season only)
Guilvinec: Tuesday
Huelgoat: Thursday
Landerneau: Tuesday & Friday
Landivisiau: Wednesday all day
Lannilis: Wednesday all day
Le Conquet: Tuesday
Lesneven: Monday all day
Locquirec: Wednesday
Loctudy: Tuesday
Moelan-sur-Mer: Tuesday & Saturday
Morlaix: Saturday all day
Nevez: Saturday
Penmarch: Friday
Ploudalmezeau: Friday
Plouescat: Saturday
Plougasnou: Tuesday
Plouguerneau: Thursday
Pont-Aven: Tuesday
Pont-Croix: Thursday
Pont-l'Abbe: Thursday all day
Quimper: Wednesday all day & Sunday & Saturday all day
Quimperle: Friday all day
Roscoff: Wednesday
Rosporden: Thursday
Saint-Pol-de-Leon: Tuesday all day
Saint-Renan: Saturday all day

Tourist attractions to visit in Finistere

The following sites have received official "tourist classifications"...

4* Towns in Bloom


Quimper: Tourist guide

Ville d'etape


Towns of Art and History

Concarneau: Tourist guide

Quimper: Tourist guide

Sites of Natural Beauty

Archipel des Glénan

Baie de Douarnenez

Marais de Mousterlin


Pointe de Penhir

Listed 'Remarkable Gardens'

Arboretum de Poërop

Conservatoire botanique du Stangalac'h

Jardin Delasselle

Jardin du château de Lanniron

Jardin du prieuré de Locmaria

Jardin exotique

Parc botanique de Cornouaille

Parc du château de Trévarez

Regional Natural Parcs

Armorique: Tourist guide

Towns classified as Recommended Detours


National Monuments

Cairn de Barnenez

Villages classified as "most beautiful villages"

Ile-de-Sein: Tourist guide

Locronan: Tourist guide

UNESCO world heritage sites

Camaret-sur-Mer tour dorée (Vauban fortifications): Tourist guide

Grand Sites of France

Pointe du Raz

Enclos paroissial decorative churches






La Martyre

La Roche Maurice








Saint Thégonnec