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With great scenery, perfect walking and cycling opportunities, traditional unspoiled towns and some of the most beautiful villages in France, Correze is one of our favourite French departments - but don't tell anyone because its undiscovered charm is part of the appeal!

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Correze is the most southern department of the Limousin region of France, with the Dordogne to the west and the Auvergne to the east, and with the town of Tulle as department capital.

The north and south areas of the Correze department are quite different in character so we have reviewed them separately:

Northern Correze

Segur-le-Chateau, CorrezeTo the north lies the Haute-Correze region, with the Regional Natural Park of Millevaches and the Massif de Monedieres. The landscape of moorlands, forests and peat bogs, meadows and woodlands has its own particular charm.

One highlight with far-reaching views (and a 'table d'orientation' so you know what you are looking at) is the summet of Suc au May (near Treignac), and another good view point across the region is found at the Porte de Correze at Masseret (north of Brive-la-Gaillarde).

East of Peyrelevade and near the north-east border of Correze the arboretum at Sylvatum is the perfect way to explore the landscape of the region with a walk through the park and woodland next to small streams and waterfalls.

Saint Angel, CorrezeMeymac is a town with a pleasant historic centre (and is also a good stop off town if you need a break from driving along the motorway that bisects the department). Close to Meymac visit also the small village of Saint-Angel and its fine abbey on top of the hill, and visit the Chateau de Ventadour, evocative castle ruins on a hilltop near Egletons.

To the east of here visit the village of Bort-les-Orgues, sat below a hill with curious rock formations (like organ pipes, hence the name of the village) and see also the Chateau de Val near the village and in a very scenic setting on the edge of the lake.

Other towns of interst in this part of Limousin include Tulle and Egletons and the department namesake village at Correze also has a small but interesting medieval centre. Also recommended as you explore this region are the small villages of Meyrignac, Vitrac and Affieux.

Uzerche, town on the Vezere riverA short distance north-east of Tulle a popular attraction are the village and waterfalls at Gimel-les-Cascades (small entrance fee payable), a sequence of waterfalls in a picturesque woodland setting.

The towns and villages to visit in this part of the department include the interesting and attractive villages of Treignac and, a little further west, Segur-le-Chateau. The 17th century church in the village of Saint-Bonnet-la-Rivière is very pretty and an unusual round design.

At Arnac-Pompadour south-east of Segur-le-Chateau a national stud has been established in a large chateau and grounds, and both the chateau de Pompadour and the stud are open to visitors.

The walled town of Uzerche on the Vézère river was a most unexpected surprise when we visited with an extensive and interesting historical centre. The village of Vigeois has a very pretty medieval bridge across the Vézère river.....


Southern Correze

The south of the Correze is the part of the department that attracts the most visitors, in particular along the borders with the Lot and Dordogne departments to the south-west.

Village of TurenneThe countryside here is very scenic, with woodlands and small fields, numerous pretty medieval villages, and the upper reaches of the Dordogne river to explore, with something new to enjoy around every corner - use the smaller roads whenever possible!

The largest town in the southern Correze is Brive-la-Gaillarde, and nearby Donzenac merits a stroll when you are in this area. At Aubazine you can see a charming village with an imposing 12th century abbey church.

The caves at Gouffre de la Fage south of Brive were impressive, and we were also surprised to find how much we enjoyed a visit to the historic slate mines at Travassac near Donzenac!

To the west we suggest a visit to the village of Saint-Robert, classified among the 'most beautiful villages of France', and to Ayen with its far reaching views across the countryside.

There are several other pretty villages in this region including Allassac, Le Saillant and Juillac, each small but with its own particular charm.

Village of Curemonte, southern Correze

Further south in Correze you can visit a group of three more 'most beautiful villages of France' including Turenne, a village dominated by its castle; the startingly red village of Collonges-la-Rouge ; and the pretty village of Curemonte. Be sure to also visit the picturesque village of Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne nearby.

Close to hand you will also discover several ancient castles (the Tours de Merle at Saint-Geniez-ô-Merle is among our favourites), and some of the finest scenery along the Dordogne river can be seen along the 'Gorges de la Dordogne' to the north-east of Argentat, a town with a very pleasant riverside area).

The natural beauty and character of the southern Correze carries on southwards into the Lot department and westwards into the Dordogne, hence why the south-west Correze is especially attractive to visitors.

A river runs through it...

Both the Dordogne river and the Vézère river run through the Correze department, along with a handful of tributaries, and there are also numerous lakes in the department. As a result outdoor activities based on water are very popular, from canoeing and kayaking to a quiet spot of fishing.

francethisway suggest: Canoeing is a very lovely way to quietly appreciate the countryside and small villages that line the rivers.

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