Charente places to visit and attractions

Below you can explore some of the most popular highlights and places of interest in the Charente department of Poitou-Charentes. See also our Charente travel guide


photo of Angouleme

Angouleme is one of our favourite Charente towns, with several interesting historic monuments to see and nice views

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photo of Aubeterre-sur-Dronne

The attractive village of Aubeterre-sur-Dronne is also well known for its imposing troglodyte church

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photo of Barbezieux

Here in the small town of Barbezieux it is the castle that dominates the town, and your visit...

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photo of Bayers

The Chateau de Bayers is the principal monument here, and thers are several other smaller sites of interest

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photo of Brigueuil

Here in Brigueuil it is the roman style church that is the most interesting highlight for visitors

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photo of Charmant

Charmant is another pleasant Charente town, with a small castle and a church as well as the source of the river Boeme

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Chateau de la Mercerie

photo of Chateau de la Mercerie

The Chateau de la Mercerie is a manor house with a substantial wing added in the 20th century, and now recently restored

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Chateau de La Rochefoucauld

photo of Chateau de La Rochefoucauld

The Chateau de La Rochefoucauld is the most important castle in Charente, with both medieval and renaissance parts to the castle

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photo of Cognac

Cognac has an extensive old twon and town centre, nice riverside walk and lots of Cognac distilleries. Definitely recommended.

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photo of Confolens

Confolens has several sites of interest including an ancient bridge and fountain and some medieval houses

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photo of Jarnac

Visitors to Jarnac can explore the small old town, walk along the riverside, and sample the local Cognac!

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La Rochefoucauld

photo of La Rochefoucauld

After exploring the Chateau de Rochefoucauld be sure to stroll around the rest of the historic town centre

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photo of Marthon

In Marthon there is no single monument that dominates, but rather several small buildings and historic sites of interest

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photo of Mouthiers-sur-Boeme

The 12th century church in roman style is the principal monument here in Mouthiers-sur-Boeme

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photo of Nanteuil-en-Vallee

Here at Nanteuil-en-Vallee it is the Nanteuil Abbey and Treasury that is of most interest to visitors

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photo of Ruffec

The highlight in the quiet town of Ruffec is the facade of the 12th century church

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photo of Saint-Germain-de-Confolens

In the village of Saint-Germain-de-Confolens you can see the substantial ruins of an ancient castle

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photo of Saint-Simon

In the Charente town of Saint-Simon you will enjoy a stroll along the river, and perhps then a boat trip along the river

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photo of Torsac

Torsac is one of several small but interesting villages to stroll around in Charente

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photo of Tusson

Tusson is a very typical town of the Charente and has several impressive Renaissance townhouses to admire

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photo of Verteuil-sur-Charente

At Verteuil-sur-Charente you will enjoy a stroll along the banks of the Charente River and a look at the substantial castle

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photo of Villebois-Lavalette

The village of Villebois-Lavalette is pleasant to explore, and also has a castle to see

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Market towns & days in Charente

all markets in morning unless otherwise stated

Angouleme: every day except Monday
Barbezieux-Saint-Hilaire: Tuesday & Saturday & Friday
Chalais: Monday
Cognac: Tuesday & Friday
Jarnac: every day except Monday
La Couronne: Saturday
La Rochefoucauld: Wednesday & Saturday
Ruelle-sur-Touvre: Thursday & Sunday &
Ruffec: Wednesday & Saturday

Tourist attractions to visit in Charente

The following sites have received official "tourist classifications"...

4* Towns in Bloom

Angouleme: Tourist guide

Ville d'etape

La Rochefoucauld: Tourist guide

Towns of Art and History

Angouleme: Tourist guide

Confolens: Tourist guide

Listed 'Remarkable Gardens'

Jardin du Chaigne

Jardin monastique médiéval

Logis de Forge

Parc et jardin de l’Abrègement

Religious Monuments

Abbatiale de Saint Pierre (Lesterps)

Abbaye Notre Dame de l'Assomption de Châtre (Saint-Brice)

Cathédrale Saint Pierre (Angouleme)

Eglise de Notre Dame (Trois-Palis)

Eglise de Notre Dame (Voulgezac)

Eglise de Notre Dame (Voulgezac)

Eglise de Saint André (Ruffec)

Eglise de Saint Cybard (Roullet-Saint-Estephe)

Eglise de Saint Estèphe (Roullet-Saint-Estephe)

Eglise de Saint Jean-Baptiste (Coulgens)

Eglise de Saint Jean-Baptiste (La Couronne)

Eglise de Saint Martin (Gensac-la-Pallue)

Eglise de Saint Michel (Saint-Michel)

Eglise de Saint Vincent (Puymoyen)

Eglise de Saint-Germain (Gimeux)

Villages classified as "most beautiful villages"

Aubeterre-sur-Dronne: Tourist guide