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Vesoul is a town in (and capital of) the Haute-Saone-department of Franche-Comte, in eastern France, where it stands at the foot of a hill called the Motte, which also dominates the skyline of the region. It was on the Motte that a castle once stood, and around which the town developed.

Exploring Vesoul

It is the historical old town that is the focus of a visit to Vesoul, with a good number of interesting buildings and monuments to admire, including the Church of Saint-George and Palace of Justice, and surrounding streets containing many houses dating from the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries (the latter being the predominant style in Vesoul).

The town contains all facilities, including a good selection of cafes with terraces, very pleasant on a sunny day. another nice way to relax is to stroll through the so-called 'jardin anglais', a pretty park with a good selection of trees and flowers and a children's play area.

Be sure to also go to the top of the Motte, where you will see the chapel and cross that now stand where the castle once did, and also enjoy some lovely views back acrtoss the town.

Markets are held in Vesoul each Thursday and Saturday morning, with Thursday being the main weekly market.

Places to visit near Vesoul

There are a couple of interesting natural highlights and attractions close to the town, including the Natural Reserve of Sabot de Frotey with a weather-shaped rock formation (thought to look like a hoof, hence the name sabot, which is French for hoof) and views across vesoul and the motte.

The Lake at Vesoul-Vaivre is just a couple of kilometres from the town and is now an important local attraction, both for its leisure facilities and its natural setting - it is an important local bird watching centre.

The Vesoul Tourist Office is at 2 Rue Gevrey, in the heart of the old town and is a useful source of information for other highlights in the vicinity, and also offer guided tours of the old town during the summer months.

You can find more local travel ideas in the Franche-Comte guide.

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Address: Vesoul, Franche-Comte, 70000, France || GPS: latitude 47.623055, longitude 6.155833

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Market days in Vesoul, France

Regular market(s) are held in Vesoul each Thursday & Saturday. (Markets are held in the morning unless stated.)

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