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The Chateau de Montfort is situated in the commune of Vitrac, four kilometres west of Carsac-Aillac and east of Beynac and la-Roque-Gageac, in the popular Dordogne department of south-west France. The chateau sits on a rocky ledge overhanging the cliffs, village and river below.

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Montfort has had a turbulent history that starts with the renowned cathar, Bernard de Casnac, who lived in the chateau, and swore to 'cut into pieces all the catholics in the region'. But life was never simple for the cathars and Casnac soon attracted the attentions of Simon de Montfort, who succeded in seizing the castle and removing Casnac. The castle was then named after Simon de Montfort.

Chateau de Montfort

There is a popular legend at the chateau that the daughter of Casnac was burned to death at Montfort, and that her ghost still haunts the chateau.

The Château de Montfort has undergone a great deal of change, rebuilding and enlargement during the 800 years that it has been here, and was burned down and rebuilt a total of five times between the years 1214 and 1606, mostly because of damage caused at various times during the Hundred Years War.

The current chateau is an imposing monument which combines elements of medieval architecture with renaissance style architecture and is in private ownership.

In the small village of Montfort huddled below the substantial ramparts of the castle there are some attractive houses in the yellow stone traditionally used in the Dordogne and a small cafe, and it is a pleasant place to take a stroll.

Unfortunately you will have to be satisfied with seeing the attractive château from the village below the castle - it is not open to the public. Better views can be had nearby than in the village itself - there is a good view of the castle if you look back from a little way along the road towards Carsac, and like Chateau Beynac the river also gives an impressive view if you are passing by in a canoe.

The Chateau de Montfort sits on a rocky outcrop overlooking the 'Cingle de Montfort' which is a loop in the river and views from near the castle over the Cingle de Montfort are very pretty.

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Cingle de Montfort

Places to visit nearby

The medieval village of Domme is nearby. Domme is one of France's most beautiful villages and also has excellent views over the Dordogne. It also has a cave system under its main square which can be visited.

La Roque-Gageac is another 'most beautiful village' close to Montfort and as well as its beautiful medieval buildings and riverside position it is planted throughout with a lush profusion of palms, banana plants, bamboo and lots more.

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