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Langeais castle is in the centre of the small town of Langeais, a short distance to the west of Tours and in one of the most visited parts of the Loire Valley.

There has been a castle here in Langeais since 994, and in the grounds of the current castle you can still see part of the original castle keep: in fact, this is the oldest castle keep still in existence in France. The main castle that we visit today was built in the grounds of the older castle in 1465, under the orders of Louis XI. It combines the medieval style, with large towers and a drawbridge, with renaissance elements such as elegant stone windows.

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France This Way comment: although Langeais castle is not one of the most important castles to visit in the Loire Valley if your time is limited, it is certainly worth a visit if you have the time and are nearby.

The castle, like many in the Loire Valley, combines the dual roles of defensive fortifications and comfortable living - you can appreciate the former as you arrive at the castle with its high walls and towers, while the interior of the castle is furnished rather as a comfortable place to live.

Wedding in Langeais castle

One of the most important events to occur in the Chateau de Langeais took place in 1491, when King Charles VIII of France married Anne of Brittany here. This was an important marriage because it brought together the opposing families of the royals of France and the royals of Brittany - indeed since this 'peace treaty' was the reason for the marriage, it was also agreed that Anne would marry Louis XII of France if King Charles died before a surviving male heir was born, which she did in 1499.

This was a complicated history, since Anne was already married before marrying King Charles - a mariage the French deemed unsuitable and which was subsequently annulled, and King Louis was already married when Charles died, so this marriage also had to be annulled so that Anne could marry Louis. You can see a recreation of the wedding ceremony in one of the rooms of the castle.

After the end of the struggles between Brittany and France, and especially following the French revolution, the castle slowly fell into disuse and abandon. This situation continued until the end of the 19th century when the first major renovations were carried out. Various projects of enhancements have been carried out over the last 100 years and the castle is now beautifully restored.

Visiting Langeais Castle

You enter the castle in the centre of Langeais across a fully functional drawbridge - it is lowered at opening time and raised at closing time - and and enter the living accommodation in the main courtyard. There are lots of attractive renaissance style windows in the walls on this side of the castle walls.

There are 15 rooms in Château de Langeais that have been furnished in the style of the 15th century, including salons, bedrooms and a dining room. These include a great deal of attractive furnishings with tapestries and fireplaces among the highlights and are interesting to see. You can also follow a walk around the parapet.

Outside the Chateau de Langeais you can also enjoy the nicely maintained gardens, mostly in the French or medieval styles, although these gardens are quite small, and lovely views across the Loire river.

Behind the remaining wall from the 10th century donjon you can see a recreation of the scaffold that would have been used to build the castle. You can also climb the scaffold to see the view of the main castle: this is perhaps the best view of the castle so not to be missed! Continue exploring the castle park which has a viewpoint across Langeais bridge as well as various structures to entertain your children such as a large treehouse.

The castle is open from 10:00 - 17:00 (14 November - 31 January); 9:30 - 17:30 (February and March);  9:30 - 18:30 (April to June and September to 13 November) and 9:00 - 19:00 (July and August). Entrance costs around 9 euros.

Traditional bedroom in Chateau de Langeais

Attractions nearby

Of course, you will also want to take a walk around the centre of Langeais while you are here: although the castle is the main attraction the centre is pleasant and merits exploring while you are here, and there are also several cafes. The town of Tours has a great deal to see and is a short distance east of Langeais.

Several of the most visited castles of the Loire valley are close by including Azay-le-Rideau castle and Villandry castle.

You can find more local travel ideas in the Indre-et-Loire guide and the Loire Valley guide.

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