Photo of Avignon Museums

The museums of Avignon are one of its great strengths, and there is something for everyone with an interest in art, history or culture. Some of the highlights include:

Lapidaire Museum

Housed in a 17th century Jesuit baroque chapel, a wide range of objects from the ancient civilisations of Greece, Rome, the etruscans and including various impressive sculptures and carvings.

Location: 27, Rue de la République, Avignon

Calvet Museum

The Calvet Museum of Fine Arts is in an attractive 18th century townhouse (as it has been for the last 170 years) to better present its important collection of fine objects from the last 500 years, including works by some renowned artists of the 20th century.

Location: 65 rue Joseph Vernet, Avignon

Lambert Collection

Presenting the private (extensive) collection of Yvon Lambert, the focus is on the modern...and the very modern, with most of the 350+ artworks dating from the last 20-40 years, and covering most art movements during the period.

Location: Hotel de Caumont, 5, rue Violette, Avignon


Museum Requien

Museum of Natural History based on the 19th collection of Esprit Requien with a particular focus on fossils and paleontology, with exhibits selected from almost 900,000 available!

Location: 67 rue Joseph Vernet, Avignon (adjacent to the Calvet Museum)

Museum of the Small Palace (Musee du Petit Palais)

In a very attractive and historically important 15th century building, this museum focusses on it's links with the palace itself, with many paintings and works of art from the renaissance and medieval periods, and such prestigious artists as Botticelli.

Location: northern end of the Place du Palais

Museum du Petit Palais in Avignon

Angladon Museum

Art of the last 200 years belonging to a private collection is attractively presented in a converted townhouse

Location: 5, Rue Laboureur, Avignon

Louis-Vouland Museum

Based around the collection of a rich 19th century Avignon collector and presented in an appropriate 19th century townhouse setting, the emphasis is on recreating and displaying the rich and decorative furnishing style of the 17th-18th centuries.

Location: Hotel de Villeneuve-Esclapon, 17, rue Victor Hugo, Avignon