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Allemans-du-Dropt is a village on the banks of the Dropt River, to the south-west of Eymet in the northern Lot-et-Garonne.

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France This Way comment: although it is quite a small village that won't take you long to explore a stop is recommended when you are near Allemans-du-Dropt because it contains a few notable monuments of interest.

The Church of Saint Eutrope

This church is the highlight in the village. Dating from the 10th century, although much altered in later centuries, this church in the centre of Allemans-du-Dropt is unremarkable from the outside, but inside the walls are covered with many 15th century frescoes.

Frescoes in the church of Saint-Eutrope

These frescoes, painted in vivid colours, were rediscovered in 1935 and have now been largely restored - they represent various episodes from the bible, mostly the Last Judgement , and many have an almost startling modern quality about them (you can pay a euro to have the church lights turned on to see the frescoes properly!)

The castle

The castle was largely constructed in the 16th century but in part includes a much earlier building on the same site

Market halls

There are two traditional French market halls in the village of Allemans-du-Dropt, the original market hall next to the church is constructed in wood, and a larger hall has also been built in stone - this is the prune hall, built in the 19th century and traditionally the centre for the local prune markets.

Prunes have historically been an important crop here, and are still widely grown in the region - typically moist 'half-dried' prunes marketed under the name of 'pruneaux d'agen' - try them, they are delicious!

Other sights

Before leaving Allemans-du-Dropt be sure to stroll down to the bridge across the River Dropt to enjoy the attractive setting, picturesque views along the river, and the old watermill. There is a cafe in the village (across the square from the church) but otherwise facilities are limited.

Prune hall in Allemans-du-Dropt

Attractions near Allemans-du-Dropt

The region around the village is quiet rolling countryside, and many of the most interesting sights are close to the Dropt river: see the Dropt Valley guide for details.

You can find more travel ideas in the Lot-et-Garonne guide and the Aquitaine guide.

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Address: Allemans-du-Dropt, Lauzun, Marmande, Aquitaine, 47800, France || GPS: latitude 44.627778, longitude 0.29

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