Photo gallery of Provencal lavender fields

Fields of purple-blue lavender fields, ideally with a cloudless blue sky behind, are practically a symbol of France and seen on numerous calendars, postcards and chocolate boxes - not to mention the numerous lavender products available in the region and in 'Taste of Provence' type shops around the world!

The photos in this gallery were take in both Provence and in the Drome region of the Rhone-Alpes region just to the north, and each acts as a reminder of how beautiful both France and lavender fields can be!

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  • lavender-mont-ventoux
  • lavender-senanque-abbey
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  • lavender-sunflowers
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I haven't labelled the photos here because you are unlikely to track down the exact same field of flowers when you visit France, but in case you are wondering photo 4 (with the mountain in the background) is taken below Mont Ventoux and photo 5 shows lavender in front of Senanque Abbey, very close to Gordes.

You can see lavender fields in many parts of the Provence region - start perhaps at Valensole or in the Provencal Drome region.

Remember if planning a visit, lavender doesn't flower all year around! We suggest you plan your visit for either the end of June or early July to have the gretest chance of taking photos like those above!

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