Photo gallery of Flags for the regions of France

Most of us are unaware of the flags used by each of the French regions, and in truth they aren't used all that often...

...however they do exist and are often very beautiful, hinting at an exotic history and a time of chivalry and knights in the way that more recent flags are not able to...the current French flag is certainly lacking 'excitement' by comparison!

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  • alsace
  • aquitaine
  • auvergne
  • brittany
  • burgundy
  • centre
  • champagne-ardennes
  • corsica
  • franche-comte
  • ile-de-france
  • languedoc-roussillon
  • limousin
  • lorraine
  • midi-pyrenees
  • nord-pas-de-calais
  • normandy

(Note: all 21 region flags are in the gallery even if not all shown above!)

You will occasionally come across these flags as you travel around France, occasionally in tourist information or perhaps hanging over the doorway to a medieval castle.

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