Photo of Paris Map

Maps of the Paris highlights & monuments, metro and arrondissements

There are three maps below: one showing places of interest to visitors, another showing the Paris arrondissements, and the third showing the metro lines of central Paris.

1) Paris map: highlights, monuments and places of interest

This map shows all the major attractions and highlights in this beautiful city. Click on any marker on the map to see which highlight is in that location.

As you can see from the map, one of the most surprising things about Paris is how close together all the major sites are located. It is possible to walk between the majority of them, which is the best way to explore central Paris.

2) Map of the Paris arrondissements

map showing the arrondissements of Paris

Above is another Paris map - this time showing each of the Paris arrondissements (regions). These are used frequently, and appear on street signs in the city, so a basic familiarity with them is quite useful. (credit: based on this map on wikipedia).

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3) Map of central Paris Metro regions

map of central part of Paris metro

This map shows the central part of the Paris metro network. For full details see Paris metro. (You can see and print the complete map at the official site here, or collect a printed map from any Metro station on your arrival.)