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Living in France and moving to France - a guide to French Life

This section is about the challenges and realities of moving to France, either to retire or to setup in business. All the common problems are examined - from getting a mortgage to buy a French property to learning the language and putting your children into a French school. Each section has several parts.

Buying a property in France

  1. An introduction: Buy property in France
  2. How to choose a region to move to: Where to live in France
  3. How to actually Find a property to buy
  4. How to finance the deal: Finances of buying a house in France
  5. Completing on your purchase: Close the deal

find a suitable property to renovate with our search at buy a house in France

French mortgages

  1. mortgages introduction: French mortgages (part 1)

General French information

  1. Special article: getting married in France

Moving to France - what to expect during the first few months:

  1. An introduction: Living in France
  2. Finding the best removal companies between the UK and France
  3. Financial considerations: Finances of moving to France
  4. Moving on a limited budget / how little money can you move with: Relocating on a budget
  5. Language considerations: problems with learning French: Language problems for expats
  6. Meeting people and becoming established: living in a French community
  7. Schools and education: expat children in French schools
  8. Driving: see driving in France

Property Renovation in France

Renovating a ruin or converting a barn in France? see Property renovation in France

Running a gite business in France

We have several articles to cover this popular topic, essential reading if you are thinking of moving to France to run gites or holiday rentals:

  1. Why run gites in France
  2. How much to pay for your holiday rental business
  3. Day-to-day practicalities of running a holiday business
  4. Why might it fail
  5. Marketing gites

If you live in France and have experiences of French life to share, or you would like to live in France, please send us an article about yourself or your business. We would like to establish a series of 'real-life' stories for our site visitors. As well as the prestige (!) of seeing your article in print you will also gain a little publicity for your business!

Many of the topics on this page are also covered informally in our French life blog where descriptions of our day to day experiences are enhanced by comments from other experienced French expats.

Information within this section (and all the france this way site) is provided for guidance only and francethisway can in no circumstances be held liable for the information, which is supplied in good faith but should be verified with an appropriate legal adviser.

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