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Here you can browse properties for sale in France, search by price, location or property type, and so on, and send an enquiry to the owner for more information. There are 1000's of properties listed so you might just find your dream property.

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If you have a property to sell in France we are very confident in recommending that you list your property with french-property and their associated sites (such as this one).

First because you will reach a very wide audience looking for properties exactly like yours, but more importantly...

...because we ourselves sold a property in this way - we sold the property very quickly and of course avoided all estate agent fees. So we can recommend it without any hesitation!!

They are also the leading site for internet property sales in France. Take a look at the site below for testimonials etc and to get your property on the market:

CLICK HERE to sell your property in France NOW!!

Advice about Buying property in France

There are quite a few considerations if you are planning to buy your dream French property - finding properties for sale in France is only the start of the adventure. The considerations include both legal and tax issues, and personal issues e.g. will you cope with being away from your family, adjusting to the language. Many of these potential hurdles are considered in the Living in France section of this site, and in a separate article about France mortgages in our living in France section.

You need not be deterred by the actual process of buying your French dream home. It is no longer the case that an accidental nod of the head and you are in a binding agreement to purchase, and the process is reasonably straightforward, if expensive (estate agent fees and legal costs typically amount to 15% of the purchase cost). But you will need legal advice if you are planning to move to France or hold significant assets in France, especially because of the complicated inheritance laws. You will also need to understand the tax position of both earning income from your French home, and the capital gains tax implications when you come to sell the property.

Many notaires and estate agents speak English, but of course you will not want to sign a legal document in French if you do not understand it!

Other property and real estate sites of interest

If there are other aspects of buying and selling property in France that would be useful to you please contact us...

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