This is an index for all the places reviewed on france this way. Please see explore France if you prefer to start exploring by French region. There are two indexes below:

1) Places of interest, tourist sites, and places that have been reviewed on francethisway

2) A list of all places (communes) in France. Since these are 36,000 of these the lists can be a little unwieldy, but are a useful way to quickly identify all the places of interest near a selected destination town or place, or to find hotels nearby - not every visit to France revolves around a tourist destination!.



Note: the indexed pages on the lower list include ALL communes in France - about 36,000 of them! There are many that are of no interest to tourists but each has a page showing it's location, places of interest nearby, hotels in the region etc. So you can use these detailed lists of places to explore around a place, even if the place itself is very small!

Browse the letter of your choice for a particular place, or use the 'search site' at the top of each page to find a particular place in France, or use the menu options to explore France by region.

Some of the site sections you might find interesting to visit can be seen in the index of special places in France.