There are some recipes that are regularly prepared, and very popular in France, but are not quite 'suitable' for serving at a dinner party. Mainly because they are so quick and easy to prepare that you will feel guilty at the lack of effort involved.

I call these 'specialities' not because they are complicated or fiddly to make, but because they require ingredients that may sometimes be only available in a limited number of places outside France.

While mussels are available in many coastal resorts outside France, the other recipes might need you to make a shopping trip to France first, or at least a trip to your local delicatessen - Confit de canard and truffles are easily available in France, but not always everywhere else. But they are worth the searching...


Moules Frites

Confit de Canard

Truffle Omelette

Quiche Lorraine


Baked camembert

See also information about black truffles

Any other specialities you would like to see included here? Let us know! There are lots of areas of France with their own regional specialities, and we may not be familiar with them, so please do send us your suggestions