Much of France is rural, and many French meals are a testament to this with local products, preferably sourced directly from the surrounding countryside, playing a large part in traditional French recipes.

Note that in France, plenty of bread should be served with the main course, and it is usual, even in polite company, to wipe the plate clean with a final piece of bread.

I have added the most traditional recipes I can find, and have of course tried and tested them as much as possible! The principal here is always to provide recipes that are traditional - that is, as would have been eaten in France, and still are eaten in France - rather than exotic variations that may have emerged in recent years.

As with many things, I believe the best results are obtained by omitting the fancy and the unnecessary, and getting back to basics. This has the added benefit of making the recipes more straightforward.

Main Recipes

cassoulet recipe - confit de canard based recipe

boeuf bourguignon recipe - traditional rich beef stew

coq au vin recipe - chicken in red wine

navarin recipe - lamb and vegetable stew

choucroute garnie - pickled cabbage, pork and sausage

More suggestions and variations

steamed clams - for those with fresh seafood to hand

venison stew - rich and delicious

rabbit stew - always popular in the french countryside

french roast pork - traditional dish

chciken with garlic stew - and something with garlic...