Confit de canard

Confit de canard, french recipe

Try a very traditional French dish: Confit de canard (preserved duck)

Creme brulee

creme brulee recipe

A perennial favourite in restaurants all across France: Creme brulee

Beef bourguignon

boeuf bourguignon, french recipe

One of the most popular French 'stews': Boeuf bourguignon

Chocolate mousse

chocolate mousse recipe

Ever met anyone who didn't love it? traditional Chocolate mousse

French recipes - common easy recipes from France


The recipes above are the most traditional French dishes - notes follow if you have never heard of them!

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Other French Food Specialities

French bread

Cheese - roquefort (recipe - cauliflower and roquefort soup)...brie de meaux (recipe - cheese and onion tart)...

French mustard - dijon...

a couple of tasty dressings for your salads: try garlic vinaigrette and french dressing

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French Food

The recipes here are those that best represent the food that French people eat day in and day out, with locally available ingredients, and are quick and easy to make at home, as well as being very tasty. Food is of great importance to the French, and forms a great part of the French tradition. See French food for general information about regional variations or French cuisine for a basic introduction.

We also have articles looking at the French wine classifications and the Michelin guide, the ultimate guide to the best French hotels and restaurants, and some notes about Basque Cookery.

You can also read about a traditional communal French meal - the menu for our local commune dinner: vermicelli soup, melon with port, venison...


I have not always bothered too much with quantities in the French recipes, since these depend on how many people there are and so on, and because the quantities are reasonably unimportant. If your cassoulet has more pork and less toulouse sausage, that is not a big problem! For critical recipes I have included quantities.

You will also see that I have included some of the more derided recipes, such as coq au vin and quiche lorraine. It's not my fault if 1000 pubs and restaurants have ruined them, try making them yourself!