France Information: Facts and Figures and all French Things!

We have several sections dedicated to aspects of information about France:

History of France

To discover the history of France, from prehistoric France to the French Revolution - see History of France

French art and culture

to learn more of the renowned art and culture of France, featuring important art movements (eg impressionism), famous French artists, film directors etc - see French art and culture

French language

for some of the most useful French phrases and some suggestions about the best ways to learn French see French phrases


French wildlife and animals and natural environment

The diverse range of habitats in France means there is a wide variety in the types of wildlife and animals you might come across. See French wildlife for some of the most common species.

There is a close relationship between the wildlife in a region and its natural environment - see French biomes for the various environments encountered in France.

France weather

Climate in France - a look at the weather during the seasons in each region of France

France information (general French things...)

  1. France facts: some facts about France, population, size, language etc
  2. French symbols: from the Eiffel Tower to the beret, from the cockerel to the French flag, there are numerous French things that are widely recognised as French symbols
  3. Markets in France - why we love them!
  4. a schedule of French Public Holidays - time your visit to include Bastille Day perhaps?
  5. some French phrases and words in common use in English speaking countries: French sayings
  6. the words for the French national anthem
  7. the French education system
  8. French language speakers - how many people speak French, and where they live (hint: many countries outside France itself!)
  9. French currency : Learn about the euro and the history of the original French Franc
  10. The Tour de France, the greatest race for road bikes to be found anywhere in the world, despite recent controversies...
  11. Speed limits, drink-driving and rules of the road in France: Driving in France - keep it safe and sensible
  12. How far is one place from another? See Driving distances in France for a guide
  13. Bying and restoring property: property renovation in France
  14. Summary of information for visitors to France: France holiday information (can I drink the water etc...)
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Tourist information and popular places for tourists to visit

  1. the famous places in France (most well known places in France)
  2. World heritage sites in France
  3. The Natural and historical beauty of the listed Grand sites of France
  4. the top places to visit in France (most visited places in France)
  5. the biggest French towns and cities
  6. follow the Pilgrim paths of France - the paths of the medieval pilgrims as they headed towards the great pilgrimage destination at Santiago de Compostella
  7. the best French beaches
  8. seven of our favourite towns for shopping in France
  9. and to help you get here...a map of all the popular France airports

Top 10 Lists

A bit more light-hearted, we have come up with some Top 10 lists for France, from the top French quotes and cheeses, to French popstars, and from French classic cars to the most infamous French criminals - see top 10 lists for these and more...