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Flights to La Rochelle airport, France

  • Birmingham airport - La Rochelle : Flybe
  • Bristol airport - La Rochelle : Easyjet
  • Dublin airport - La Rochelle : Ryanair
  • Edinburgh airport - La Rochelle : Jet2
  • Glasgow airport - La Rochelle : Flybe
  • Leeds/Bradford airport - La Rochelle : Jet2
  • London Gatwick airport - La Rochelle : Easyjet
  • London Stansted airport - La Rochelle : Ryanair
  • Manchester airport - La Rochelle : Flybe
  • Southampton airport - La Rochelle : Flybe
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Airport information

Correct full name: La Rochelle-Ile de Ré.

Location: north-west of La Rochelle. La Rochelle is a popular arrival point for visitors to La Rochelle itself, Ile-de-Ré, and the Poitou-Charentes region (especially the coastal Charente-Maritime department).

IATA airport code for La Rochelle airport: LRH

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