Moving to France - a guide to relocation

Arriving in France to live is daunting for everyone. There are challenges and problems to be faced but these can all be overcome with a little thought and planning. In reality, I see that the things that people worry about before arriving in France are not usually the things that will be a problem.

There are usually concerns about immediate practical matters, such as whether the house purchase will go through smoothly, or how to get the water supply connected, but often little thought to the more difficult problems. Can you deal with being so far from your family? Do you have enough money, when petrol goes up 50% and you live 15 kilometres from the newsagents?

So on this basis we touch briefly on 'practical matters', but devote much more space and thought to the 'Personal Matters'.

We don't of course have all the answers, and by definition 'personal matters' will be specific to your particular circumstances if and when you move to France.

I assume that you already know and have planned for the medication that you must take every day, or telling your pension provider your new address etc. Likewise I imagine you know what British food you know you can't live without! (Most popular British food items are now available in France - see also Eating in France).

So the goal is rather to point out what the potential hurdles are that you may meet, so you can be ready for them as they arise.

These deserve consideration because they are crucial to the success of your adventure - it might fail because of one of these, but is unlikely to fail because you can't get the electricity connected.

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