French architects - important architecture from France

France has a long tradition in architectural achievement, and in this section we look at some of the most important and influential French architects. We also take a look at a couple of the early rural architectural styles in France - although the 'architects' of these are unknown, being the labourers and workers of rural France, the buildings are still of great interest.

There are many instantly recognisable French buildings and monuments that both influenced architecture elsewhere and were in their own way ground-breaking at the time they were constructed. Think of the Louvre and the renaissance chateaux of the Loire Valley, the Eiffel Tower, the remarkable Le Corbusier chapel at Ronchamp, or the 'Louvre Pyramid' for just some of the most famous examples.

The French architects behind these buildings have had (and continue to have) an important influence on architecture around the world.


Medieval French architecture

The French Medieval architecture referred to here isn't attributable to individual architects, but is a look at a couple of the architectural styles common in rural France in that period and that you can still find interesting examples of.

16th Century French architects

17th Century French Architects

18th Century French Architects

19th Century French architects

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20th Century French Architects