Travel to Pontarme and Picardy

To make planning your visit to Pontarme and the Picardy region as easy as possible we have brought together all the most popular travel options below. We are confident our selected partners offer the biggest possible range of choices at the best possible prices.

1. Choose your accommodation

Hotels, holiday rentals and villas, camping, resorts...

Hotels in Picardy


We always use for booking hotels when we travel:

  • they have a very extensive choice of properties
  • they offer a 'Best price guarantee'
  • there are 1000's of hotel reviews from REAL visitors!
  • for most hotels you pay when you stay not when you book

Hint: look out for the hotels marked as Value deals, these are often excellent value for money!

Holiday rentals in Picardy

from homeaway

If you prefer to stay in a villa, cottage or holiday rental during your visit to Picardy we highly recommend you use homeaway to find your accommodation

They have an enormous range of properties and lots of photos and reviews by previous visitors so you know just what to expect!

Holiday rentals in Picardy

Holiday villages and resorts

from Pierre et Vacances

We love Pierre et Vacances holiday villages and have stayed in several ourselves and always rated them highly.

They are almost always in great locations and with lots of facilities - and Pierre et Vacances have also received the TripAdvisor Award for Excellence, so it's not just us that keeps going back!

Holiday villages in Picardy for details and prices etc...

Camping holidays in Picardy

from Eurocamp

Camping holidays in France

Modern camping holidays are very different from how they used to be: with Eurocamp, the leading camping holiday company in Europe, you can choose from safari tents, holiday homes and even tree houses in some locations!

Eurocamp also have great facilities and lots of on-site activities and another great advantage: you choose which dates you want to arrive and leave.

They also have sites in all areas of France, both coast and country, from Brittany and Normandy to Dordogne and the Riviera...

Eurocamp holidays in France

2. Make travel arrangements

Car hire, ferries, flights...

Car Hire in France

from carhireengine

With carhireengine you can search many of the leading car hire suppliers in France to be sure of getting the best price on your car hire...

Flights to France

from skyscanner

We have consistently found the skyscanner search to be the most reliable for identifying the best flights available...

Ferries to France


Search for best prices on your cross-channel ferry crossing

3. Organise tours and activities

Guided tours, excursions, sport activities...

Activities, tours and guided trips


Find a wide range of guided tours and activities to book before you leave home: from wine tasting to kaying, from lavender fields to battlefields (depending on where in France you are staying!)

Choose France activities

Choose a destination

Somewhere else you would like to see our suggestions for? Start typing a place name then select it from the list...

Paris Breaks

Everyone has to visit Paris at least why not make it this year!

Always a fascinating and beautiful holiday destination whichever season you visit, and now easier to get to than ever

See Paris breaks for lots of ideas and choices

What to expect from a holiday in France

Beach on the RivieraIf you have never visited France, I can guarantee you will be impressed!

Your experience will of course depend whether you stay in one of the larger cities or deep in the countryside, near a beach or close to the one of the famous regions such as the Loire Valley or the Dordogne...

... but all the areas popular with tourists have something special to offer and you won't be disappointed!

Whichever type of French holiday you choose, from an organised tour to a 'fend for yourself' week in a holiday rental property, from a hotel in the center of Paris to a chalet in the Alps, you will find plenty to do, plenty to explore, and lots of great memories to take home with you afterwards...

Travel Arrangements

Remember that most gite and villa bookings and other holidays in france do NOT include the cost of travel to your destination, so you need to organise that separately.

Cheap car hire in France

Through our partnerships with leading travel companies we can help you be sure that you are getting the best possible prices on your car hire and other travel arrangements.

Car hire can represent an important cost in your travel plans so we have selected three different car hire companies where you can check prices and be sure of finding a great deal: see Car Hire in France

You might also need to organise your ferry crossings, trains of flights: see Ferry, flights, trains for options.