Map position of Jardin des plantes

You can find details of some of the places we suggest you visit near Jardin des plantes below the map...


List of places in distance order

Distances are direct ("as the crow flies") so driving will be further!

Nantes: 1 km

One of the largest towns in France, Nantes has many monuments, museums and places of interest to discover including the famous 'elephant' on the island.

Nantes guide

Clisson: 25 km

Clisson has a medieval castle, and an interesting architectural style having ben largely re-built in Italian style about 250 years ago

Clisson guide

Les Moutiers-en-Retz: 39 km

The small town of Les Moutiers-en-Retz is best known for the nearby beach which attracts many summertime campers

Les Moutiers-en-Retz guide