Map position of Eglise de Santa Maria Assunta (Saint-Florent)

You can find details of some of the places we suggest you visit near Eglise de Santa Maria Assunta (Saint-Florent) below the map...


List of places in distance order

Distances are direct ("as the crow flies") so driving will be further!

Saint-Florent: 1 km

Overlooked by its 15th century citadel Saint-Florent is a very popular resort with an interesting old town and harbour and easy access to beaches

Saint-Florent guide

Bastia: 12 km

At the base of Cap Corse, Bastia has something for everyone: a harbour, an old town and citadel, and broad 19th century boulevards

Bastia guide

Nonza: 12 km

Nonza is a village with a clifftop tower in south-west Cap Corse, Corsica

Nonza guide

Erbalunga: 17 km

Erbalunga is a small and picturesque fishing village in south-east Cap Corse

Erbalunga guide

Pino: 26 km

Pino is a small village and marina in western Cap Corse, Corsica

Pino guide

L'Ile-Rousse: 31 km

L'Ile-Rousse is a busy town and beach resort in the Balagne region of north-west Corsica

L'Ile-Rousse guide

Centuri: 32 km

Centuri is a charming fishing port to the far north of Cap Corse

Centuri guide

North Cap Corse: 32 km

The north of Cap Corse has a lovely beach at Barcaggio and the hill village of Rogliano to explore, among other highlights

North Cap Corse guide

Corbara: 34 km

Corbara is an extensive village with interesting churches and chapels in the Balagne region of Corsica

Corbara guide


Pigna: 35 km

Pigna is a quaint traditional village of artists and musicians in the Balagne, Corsica

Pigna guide

Sant'Antonino: 35 km

Sant'Antonino is a beautiful village of medieval streets in the Balagne region of northern Corsica

Sant'Antonino guide

Montemaggiore: 38 km

Montemaggiore is a very small village in the Balagne region of Corsica, with a traditional historic centre and an imposing baroque church

Montemaggiore guide