Discovering truffles and entertainment in the Dordogne markets

One of the highlights of a visit to the Dordogne, as with many other parts of France, is the chance to visit the local French markets.

Although most markets do now sell products aimed at the tourist market, especially during the summer months, they are still a great way to find and buy the local produce, the freshest produce, and the products of the local artisan-farmers.

There are several types of market:

Traditional markets

- have usually been held in the same place at the same time each week for hundreds of years

Nocturnal markets (night markets)

- are held in the evenings in summer months only, and focus on eating outside in convivial surroundings - you choose your food from the market stalls that surround a central square, which is set up with tables, perhaps music and dance, etc. the produce sold comes from local farmers and producers, and is typical of the region.

Speciality Markets

- the most common in the Dordogne are perhaps the winter truffle markets, such as the one held at Thiviers.

Market days

The schedule below shows the days for many of the traditional markets in the Dordogne region. Some of these are very extensive, while some are simple small affairs, especially during the winter months:

Town Traditional Market Day Night Markets (summer)
Agonac Saturday
Audrix Saturday
Auriac du Perigord Thursday
Beaumont Tuesday, Saturday
Belves Saturday
Bergerac Saturday, Wednesday
Biron Wednesday
Bouzic Tuesday
Bourdeilles Wednesday
Brantome Tuesday
Cenac Tuesday
Cubjac Friday
Daglan Sunday
Domme Thursday
Eymet Thursday
Excideuil Thursday
Issigeac Sunday
Jumilhac Wednesday
La Coquille Thursday
Lalinde Thursday
La Roche Chalais Saturday
Le Bugue Tuesday
Le Buisson - Cadouin Friday
Les Eyzies Londay
Loubejac Thursday
Mareuil Tuesday
Monpazier Thursday
Montpon Wednesday
Montignac Saturday, Wednesday
Mussidan Saturday
Neuvic Saturday, Tuesday
Nontron Saturday
Perigeux Saturday, Wednesday
Peyrignac Friday
Piegut Wednesday
Razac Saturday, Wednesday
Riberac Tuesday, Friday
Rouffignac Sunday Wednesday
Salignac-Eyvigues Tuesday Friday
Sarlat Saturday, Wednesday
Sigoules Friday
Sorges Sunday
St Amand de Coly Tuesday
St Aulaye Saturday
St Astier Thursday
St Cyprien Sunday
St Genies Sunday
Terrasson Thursday
Thenon Tuesday
Thiviers Saturday
Tocane Monday
Tremolat Tuesday
Valojoulx Friday
Varaignes Tuesday
Vergt Friday
Villefranche du Perigord Saturday Tuesday


One little word of warning - markets in the Dordogne, as elsewhere in France, can be expensive - before you casually order a big hunk of 'cheese of the farm' or lump of 'wild-boar sausage' you might like to check the price!