Villas in France


What better way to explore France than to rent a gite or villa for a week or two? There are lots of reasons why you might choose a holiday rental instead of a hotel...

  • You have the whole property to yourself to come and go as you please
  • You almost always have your own garden or outdoor area and sometimes even your own swimming pool
  • Some parts of France are quite rural and hotels in these areas can be few and far between so renting a villa might be the best option
  • Gites and villas can be excellent value for money, especially if you are travelling as a family or group of travellers

HomeAway villas


HomeAway has been operating for many years and features a very extensive range of villas and apartments in all parts of France and in a very wide range of prices, from the smallest cottage in the countryside to the largest luxury villa on the French Riviera.

If you are in the UK see HomeAway.co.uk

If you are NOT in the UK see HomeAway.com

Booking.com villas


You might associate Booking.com with hotels but in recent years they have started listing Holiday Rentals, and now have a very large selection available as well as one of the easiest sites to navigate and refine your search.

See Booking.com villas.

We recommend these two sites for finding the best Holiday Rentals in France because they are long established and successful, and each property features lots of photos, information and visitor reviews so you know exactly what you are booking!

Explore France

Use the search below to find places in France - anywhere from the largest city to the smallest village!

Find French places

Enter a village or town, region or department name, then select from the dropdown list

Places in France: decide where to visit


Almost every region in France has something interesting to discover - quiet villages, stunning scenery, historical buildings lost in the countryside, beaches...

...so before rushing to visit the most popular regions why not think about somewhere else for a change? You can avoid the crowds and still have a great time discovering the 'real' France!

Read more ...

France by train: Eurotunnel and Rail Europe

Cheap Eurotunnel tickets

Bring your car to France with Eurotunnel. Drive on at Folkestone, and off at Calais just 35 minutes later and straight on to the fast French autoroute system for your onward journey. Prices start from just £49 one way for a car with four passengers!

See more details at Eurotunnel

Rail Europe - French trains

Rail Europe is the UK subsidiary of SNCF French railways and the leading supplier of rail travel to France. It is therefore the ideal place to organise your rail travel to and within France (or InterRail tickets for trains elsewhere in Europe). Start your train journey here:

Popular destinations with Rail Europe include Bordeaux, Provence, Paris and the east of France....and of course Disneyland Paris!

See more details at Rail Europe

Cross-Channel Ferries to France: routes, timetables and booking ferries

If you are driving to your holiday in France from the UK you are going to need to book a cross channel ferry or channel tunnel crossing!

Further down this page we have summarised the principal driving times from some of the ferry ports to some of the most popular destinations in France

Search for best prices on your cross-channel ferry crossing


An alternative to the cross-channel ferry is to cross the channel by EuroTunnel - both quick and easy to use, and with very frequent trains running - up to five trains per hour, and no risk of delays due to bad weather. The crossing from Folkestone to Calais takes just 35 minutes, costs from only £49 one-way, and has direct access to the motorway network so you are soon on your way.

See trains in France to find cheap Eurotunnel tickets

Cross channel ferry routes

The more common ferry routes to France sometimes have more than one operator running ferries on the same route. The most popular routes are:

  • Dover - Boulogne or Calais
  • Plymouth - Roscoff (also Bilbao and Santander in Spain)
  • Poole - Cherbourg or Saint-Malo
  • Portsmouth - Caen, Cherbourg, Le Havre or Saint-Malo

Note that some of these crossings (those departing from Dover) only take about an hour, while others take several hours or sail overnight.

The longer crossings cost more, and cabin accommodation may also be needed. You will need to carefully balance the extra time spent on the crossing with the cost, the saving in driving time and expense, and the convenience of arriving after a night sleeping on a ferry.

The crossings from Plymouth to Santander and Bilbao are as much a mini-cruise as a ferry crossing, take more than 24 hours for the voyage, and are sometimes used by those visiting far south-west france eg Biarritz.

Driving times and distances in France from ferry ports to selected destinations

Distances in miles - see table below this one for distances in kilometres

From Caen Calais Cherbourg Dieppe Saint-Malo
To distance time distance time distance time distance time distance time
Annecy (Alps) 494 7h 0m 523 7h 14m 570 8h 11m 469 6h 47m 581 8h 8m
Biarritz (Atlantic coast) 498 7h 14m 662 9h 28m 553 8h 7m 571 8h 7m 457 6h 42m
La Rochelle 269 4h 10m 433 6h 23m 303 4h 50m 337 5h 5m 201 3h 27m
Nice (Riviera) 728 10h 6m 765 10h 29m 802 11h 19m 701 9h 54m 794 11h 5m
Paris 149 2h 26m 179 2h 46m 223 3h 35m 120 2h 9m 252 3h 54m
Quimper (Brittany) 246 3h 40m 463 6h 39m 279 4h 14m 361 5h 19m 143 2h 41m
Saint-Tropez (Riviera) 702 9h 56m 739 10h 13m 776 11h 5m 677 9h 47m 771 10h 59m
Sarlat (Dordogne) 388 6h 25m 509 7h 27m 464 7h 33m 441 6h 44m 451 6h 39m

Distances in kilometres...

From Caen Calais Cherbourg Dieppe Saint-Malo
To distance time distance time distance time distance time distance time
Annecy (Alps) 790 7h 0m 836 7h 14m 912 8h 11m 750 6h 47m 930 8h 8m
Biarritz (Atlantic Coast) 797 7h 14m 1059 9h 28m 885 8h 7m 913 8h 7m 731 6h 42m
La Rochelle 430 4h 10m 693 6h 23m 484 4h 50m 539 5h 5m 321 3h 27m
Nice (Riviera) 1164 10h 6m 1224 10h 29m 1283 11h 19m 1122 9h 54m 1271 11h 5m
Paris 238 2h 26m 287 2h 46m 356 3h 35m 192 2h 9m 403 3h 54m
Quimper (Brittany) 393 3h 40m 741 6h 39m 446 4h 14m 578 5h 19m 229 2h 41m
Saint-Tropez (Riviera) 1123 9h 56m 1183 10h 13m 1241 11h 5m 1083 9h 47m 1233 10h 59m
Sarlat (Dordogne) 621 6h 25m 814 7h 27m 742 7h 33m 706 6h 44m 721 6h 39m

You can find all driving distance in France and suggested route map at driving times and distances

Trains, flights, car hire, ferries - travel in France

We now have great price comparison searches for car hire, flights and ferries - see the options below which check all the major operators:

Car hire

Best prices on car hire in France

Car Hire in France


Flights to France at best possible prices

Flights to France


Cross-channel ferries: UK to France

Ferries to France


Eurotunnel trains and trains in France

Trains to and in France

We have carefully selected the companies offering the cheapest flights to France, car hire companies and cross channel ferries that we could find for your trip to France. Check out the travel pages above - we believe the companies we have identified offer the best value, reliability and quality of service.

Check out the prices for your cross-channel ferries, flights to France etc on these pages first - if you find cheaper travel prices anywhere else please let us know and we will consider adding them to the France travel info page.


Airport destinations and arrivals

Note: there are now more than 25 regional airports operating in France - to find flights, hotels or car hire for a specific airport location please use the list at French airports to find the destination airport you are interested in.

What is the cheapest way to travel to France?

This is a very popular question! Of course there is no single answer. If you are single or there are two of you travelling, flying and car hire is often cheaper than driving. But for those having to pay for flights for children - and children usually don't receive much discount on flights - it is often cheaper to drive.

But really so much depends on where you are going on France (petrol costs to reach the south of France are not negligible), how long you are staying (car hire will start to look expensive after two or three weeks), that there is no single cheapest way to travel.


More complications? Most holidays run Saturday to Saturday - so that is when flights are most expensive. If you can travel midweek you can often pay less for your travel, but will have less choice of where to stay when you get there!

You can't even assume that the cheap airlines are cheaper than the 'standard' airlines, so to be sure of spending as little as possible I'm afraid you need to do quite a bit of research first.

And lastly...time is valuable! Often by flying to France and hiring a car you can save 12-24 hours holiday time at either end of your stay.

Cheap flights to France and Paris

Several budget airlines operate to France, and the number of flights and destinations is constantly increasing, especially during the summer months. See further down this page for detailed UK to France flight routes and details of airlines.

Flight search - find best value flights to France with Skyscanner

Who flies where...?

Search best prices...

Please enter different or more specific start points and destinations to restrict your search results


Budget flights, UK - France

Flights to France from the UK are often with the 'low-cost airlines' although scheduled flights sometimes also offer competitive prices, and greater flexibility on flight times - so be sure to check all options if you are looking for prices of flights to France.

Skyscanner is very efficient at finding the best budget flights to and from any given French airport.

There has been a great increase in the number of airlines and routes available between the UK and France in recent years, and most French regions are now accessible with at least one of these new airports. Many of the main budget flight routes between the UK and France are shown below. (Note: we try to maintain this list but can offer no guarantees to its accuracy since new routes are frequently added and others removed.) See also our map of the main French airports.

*Note: all fights shown are direct (I think!) except some of the Air France flights that may have a stop en-route to your destination.

Angers airport
  • Leeds/Bradford - Angers :  Eastern Airways
  • Newcastle - Angers :  Eastern Airways
  • Southampton - Angers :  Eastern Airways

See more details, hotels, car hire and cheap flights at Angers airport

Angouleme airport
  • London Stansted - Angouleme : Ryanair

See more details, hotels, car hire and cheap flights at Angouleme airport

Avignon airport
  • Edinburgh - Avignon : Jet2
  • Exeter - Avignon : Flybe
  • Leeds/Bradford - Avignon : Jet2
  • Southampton - Avignon : Flybe

See more details, hotels, car hire and cheap flights at Avignon airport

Beauvais airport
  • Glasgow - Beauvais : Ryanair
  • Prestwick - Beauvais : Ryanair
  • Manchester - Beauvais : Air France
  • Southampton - Beauvais : Air France

See more details, hotels, car hire and cheap flights at Beauvais airport

Bergerac airport
  • Birmingham - Bergerac : Flybe
  • Bristol - Bergerac :  Ryanair
  • Edinburgh - Bergerac :  Flybe
  • East Midlands - Bergerac :  Ryanair
  • Exeter - Bergerac :  Flybe
  • Leeds/Bradford - Bergerac :  Flybe
  • Liverpool - Bergerac :  Ryanair
  • London Gatwick - Bergerac :  Flybe
  • Southampton - Bergerac :  Flybe

See more details, hotels, car hire and cheap flights at Bergerac airport

Beziers airport
  • Bristol - Beziers :  Ryanair
  • Luton - Beziers :  Ryanair
  • London Stansted - Beziers : Ryanair
Biarritz airport
  • Birmingham - Biarritz : Ryanair
  • Bristol - Biarritz : Easyjet
  • London Gatwick - Biarritz : Easyjet
  • London Stansted - Biarritz : Ryanair
  • Luton - Biarritz :  Ryanair

See more details, hotels, car hire and cheap flights at Biarritz airport

Bordeaux airport
  • Birmingham - Bordeaux : BMIBaby
  • Bristol - Bordeaux : Easyjet
  • Cardiff - Bordeaux : Air France
  • Glasgow - Bordeaux : Air France
  • Leeds/Bradford : Air France
  • London Gatwick -  Bordeaux : British Airways
  • Luton -  Bordeaux : Easyjet
  • Manchester - Bordeaux : BMIBaby
  • Norwich - Bordeaux : Air France
  • Southampton - Bordeaux : Flybe

See more details, hotels, car hire and cheap flights at Bordeaux airport

Brest airport
  • Birmingham - Brest : Flybe
  • Exeter - Brest : Flybe
  • Luton -  Brest : Ryanair
  • Southampton - Brest : Flybe
Carcassonne airport
  • East Midlands - Carcassonne : Ryanair
  • Liverpool - Carcassonne : Ryanair
  • London Stansted - Carcassonne : Easyjet, Ryanair

See more details, hotels, car hire and cheap flights at Carcassonne airport

Chambery airport
  • Birmingham - Chambery : Flybe
  • Exeter - Chambery :  Flybe
  • Norwich - Chambery :  Flybe
  • Southampton - Chambery :  Flybe

See more details, hotels, car hire and cheap flights at Chambery airport

Dinard airport
  • Birmingham - Dinard : Ryanair
  • Bristol - Dinard :  Ryanair
  • East Midlands - Dinard :  Ryanair
  • London Stansted - Dinard :  Ryanair

See more details, hotels, car hire and cheap flights at Dinard airport

Grenoble airport
  • Birmingham - Grenoble :  Easyjet
  • Bournemouth - Grenoble :  Easyjet
  • Bristol  - Grenoble :  Easyjet
  • East Midlands - Grenoble :  Ryanair
  • Glasgow - Grenoble :  Ryanair
  • Liverpool - Grenoble :  Ryanair
  • London Gatwick - Grenoble :  Easyjet
  • London Stansted - Grenoble :  Ryanair
  • Luton - Grenoble :  Easyjet
La Rochelle airport
  • Birmingham - La Rochelle : Flybe
  • Bristol - La Rochelle :  Easyjet
  • Dublin - La Rochelle :  Ryanair
  • Edinburgh - La Rochelle :  Jet2
  • Glasgow - La Rochelle : Flybe
  • Leeds/Bradford - La Rochelle :  Jet2
  • London Gatwick - La Rochelle :  Easyjet
  • London Stansted - La Rochelle :  Ryanair
  • Manchester - La Rochelle :  Flybe
  • Southampton - La Rochelle :  Flybe

See more details, hotels, car hire and cheap flights at La Rochelle airport

Limoges airport
  • East Midlands - Limoges : Ryanair
  • Liverpool - Limoges :  Ryanair
  • London Stansted - Limoges :  Ryanair
  • Newcastle - Limoges :  Flybe
  • Southampton - Limoges :  Flybe

See more details, hotels, car hire and cheap flights at Limoges airport

Lyon airport
  • Birmingham - Lyon : Air France
  • Cardiff - Lyon : Air France
  • Glasgow - Lyon : Air France
  • Leeds - Lyon : Air France
  • London Stansted - Lyon :  Easyjet
  • London Gatwick - Lyon :  Easyjet
Marseille airport
  • Birmingham - Marseille : BMIBaby, Ryanair
  • Bournemouth - Marseille : Ryanair
  • Bristol - Marseille : Easyjet
  • Edinburgh - Marseille : Ryanair
  • Glasgow - Marseille :  Air France , Ryanair
  • Leeds - Marseille :  Air France
  • London Stansted - Marseille : Ryanair
  • London Gatwick -  Marseille : Easyjet, British Airways
  • Manchester - Marseille : Ryanair
  • Norwich - Marseille :  Air France
  • Prestwick - Marseille : Ryanair

See more details, hotels, car hire and cheap flights at Marseille airport

Montpellier airport
  • London Gatwick - Montpellier : Easyjet
  • London Stansted - Montpellier : Ryanair

See more details, hotels, car hire and cheap flights at Montpellier airport

Nantes airport
  • Bournemouth - Nantes : Ryanair
  • East Midlands - Nantes :  Ryanair
  • Liverpool - Nantes :  Ryanair
  • London Gatwick - Nantes :  Easyjet
  • London Stansted - Nantes :  Ryanair

See more details, hotels, car hire and cheap flights at Nantes airport

Nice airport
  • Birmingham - Nice : BMIBaby
  • Bristol - Nice : Easyjet
  • Cardiff - Nice :  Air France
  • Dundee - Nice :  Air France
  • East Midlands - Nice : BMIBaby
  • Edinburgh - Nice :  Air France , Easyjet
  • Glasgow - Nice :  Air France
  • Exeter - Nice : Flybe
  • Leeds/Bradford - Nice :  Air France , Jet2
  • Liverpool - Nice : Easyjet
  • London City - Nice : Air France , British Airways
  • London Gatwick -  Nice : Easyjet
  • London Heathrow - Nice : British Airways
  • London Stansted - Nice : Easyjet
  • Luton - Nice : Easyjet
  • Manchester - Nice : Jet2
  • Newcastle - Nice : Easyjet
  • Southampton - Nice : Flybe

See more details, hotels, car hire and cheap flights at Nice airport

Nimes airport
  • East Midlands - Nimes : Ryanair
  • Liverpool - Nimes : Ryanair
  • Luton - Nimes : Ryanair

See more details, hotels, car hire and cheap flights at Nimes airport

Paris airports
  • Aberdeen - Paris : Flybe, Air France
  • Birmingham - Paris : Flybe, Air France , British Airways
  • Bristol - Paris : Easyjet, Air France ,
  • Cardiff - Paris : Flybe, Aer Lingus
  • East Midlands - Paris : BMIBaby, Air France ,
  • Edinburgh - Paris : Flybe, Easyjet, Air France , British Airways
  • Exeter - Paris : Flybe, Air France ,
  • Glasgow - Paris : Flybe, Air France , Ryanair
  • Leeds/Bradford - Paris : Jet2, Air France
  • Liverpool - Paris : Easyjet, Air France
  • London City - Paris : Air France
  • London Gatwick -  Paris :
  • London Heathrow - Paris : Air France
  • Luton - Paris : Easyjet
  • Manchester - Paris : Flybe, British Airways
  • Newcastle - Paris : Flybe, Air France
  • Norwich - Paris : Flybe, Air France
  • Southampton - Paris : Flybe
Pau airport
  • Bristol - Pau : Ryanair
  • London Stansted - Pau : Ryanair

See more details, hotels, car hire and cheap flights at Pau airport

Perpignan airport
  • Birmingham - Perpignan : Ryanair
  • London Stansted - Perpignan : Ryanair
  • Manchester - Perpignan : BMIBaby
  • Southampton - Perpignan : Flybe

See more details, hotels, car hire and cheap flights at Perpignan airport

Poitiers airport
  • Birmingham - Poitiers : Ryanair
  • London Stansted -  Poitiers : Ryanair

See more details, hotels, car hire and cheap flights at Poitiers airport

Rennes airport
  • Edinburgh - Rennes :  Flybe
  • Exeter - Rennes :  Flybe
  • Manchester - Rennes :  Flybe
  • Newcastle - Rennes :  Flybe
  • Southampton - Rennes :  Flybe

See more details, hotels, car hire and cheap flights at Rennes airport

Rodez airport
  • Dublin - Rodez : Ryanair
  • London Stansted - Rodez : Ryanair

See more details, hotels, car hire and cheap flights at Rodez airport

Toulon airport
  • London Stansted -  Toulon : Ryanair

See more details, hotels, car hire and cheap flights at Toulon airport

Toulouse airport
  • Birmingham - Toulouse : Flybe
  • Bristol - Toulouse : Easyjet
  • Cardiff - Toulouse : Air France
  • Edinburgh - Toulouse : Jet2
  • Glasgow - Toulouse : Air France
  • Leeds - Toulouse : Air France
  • London Gatwick - Toulouse : Easyjet, British Airways
  • Norwich - Toulouse : Air France

See more details, hotels, car hire and cheap flights at Toulouse airport

Tours airport
  • Dublin - Tours : Ryanair
  • London Stansted - Tours :  Ryanair

See more details, hotels, car hire and cheap flights at Tours airport



Note: the cheap airlines operator is Ryanair (not Ryannair or Ryanaair and not Rayanair or Raynair - apparently all these versions are very common with people searching for cheap flights to France!!)

Choose a destination

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Hotels in France


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The hotel search will find numerous hotels in France to suit all tastes and budgets. The hotels feature reviews and ratings from previous customers and can be booked online immediately.


France Hotels search - how it works

Search from thousands of hotels in all regions and towns in France. The search above operates in collaboration with the popular hotel site booking.com to ensure you get the best possible deal for your hotels in France. They offer a very wide range of hotels across all parts of France, of all standards and facilities, and at very good prices - including a 'best price guarantee'. Of course, your hotels can be booked online immediately.

Guidance - booking hotels in France

Things to remember when booking your hotel:

- Check the hotel is in the right location! Often many hotels will be listed under your choice of French town...but some will be very centrally placed and others on the edge of town

- Parking can be important especially in cities and larger towns. Some hotels will have free parking, some paid parking, and some will direct you to a nearby car park. Free parking is worth a few euros a day on the price in a large town, and can reduce the hassle of finding a parking place

- Breakfast. Some hotels don't include breakfast in the price, most will include a continental style breakfast, and some will have a full self-service buffet. A continental style breakfast can be very minimalist - a couple of croissants, coffee and fruit juice will usually be the minimum provided

- Room size and facilities. If you have special requirements or limited mobility be sure the hotel can cater for your particular requirements

- be sure you have understood the price correctly and know exactly what is included or not included

- cancellation policy. Every hotel in France will have its own cancellation penalties - be sure you know what you are signing up for at the time of making your reservation. If there is a realistic possibility that you will need to cancel, or your travel insurance doesn't cover the cost, make sure you are clear about the policy for your particular choice of hotel

France is officially divided into 22 administrative regions (plus four overseas), then further divided into 96 departments.

Each French department falls entirely within one region, and has its own local 'capital' town - called a prefecture. Each department is further subdivided into 'communes' - locally administered areas (there are approximately 37,000 communes in France, approximately representing each place in France).

Confusingly some parts of France that you might visit are best known by their 'department' name e.g. Dordogne is a department forming part of the Aquitaine region, while others are better known under their region name eg Brittany (where the region includes several departments)

The departments below are listed by department number - these department numbers are very widely used, including being the first two digits of French postcodes. and the last two digits of a car registration number (until spring 2010).


Dept No.: Department
Region / Prefecture

01: Ain
Rhone-Alps / Bourg-en-Bresse

02: Aisne
Picardy / Laon

2A: Corse-du-Sud
Corsica / Ajaccio

2B: Haute-Corse
Corsica / Bastia
see Corsica above

03: Allier
Auvergne / Moulins


Provence / Gap


Rhone-Alps / Privas

08: Ardennes
Champagne Ardenne / Charleville-Mezieres

Midi Pyrenees / Foix

10: Aube
Champagne Ardenne / Troyes

11: Aude
Languedoc Roussillon / Carcassonne

Midi Pyrenees / Rodez

Provence / Marseille

Lower Normandy / Caen

15: Cantal
Auvergne / Aurillac

Poitou Charentes / Angouleme

Poitou Charentes / La Rochelle

18: Cher
Centre (Loire Valley) / Bourges

Limousin / Tulle

Burgundy / Dijon

Brittany / Saint-Brieuc

23: Creuse
Limousin / Guéret

Aquitaine / Périgueux

25: Doubs
Franche Comte / Besancon

26: Drôme
Rhone-Alps / Valence

27: Eure
Upper Normandy / Evreux

Centre (Loire Valley) / Chartres

Brittany / Quimper

30: Gard
Languedoc Roussillon / Nimes

Midi Pyrenees / Toulouse

32: Gers (see Gascony)
Midi Pyrenees / Auch

Aquitaine / Bordeaux

Languedoc Roussillon / Montpellier


36: Indre
Centre (Loire Valley) / Chateauroux

Centre (Loire Valley) / Tours

38: Isère
Rhone-Alps / Grenoble

39: Jura
Franche Comte / Lons-le-Saunier

40: Landes
Aquitaine / Mont-de-Marsan

Centre (Loire Valley) / Blois

42: Loire
Rhone-Alps / Saint-Etienne

Auvergne / Le Puy-en-Velay

Pays de la Loire / Nantes

45: Loiret
Centre (Loire Valley) / Orleans

46: Lot
Midi Pyrenees / Cahors


Languedoc Roussillon / Mende

49: Maine-et-Loire (see Anjou)
Pays de la Loire / Angers

50: Manche
Lower Normandy / Saint-Lô

51: Marne
Champagne Ardenne / Chalons-en-Champagne

52: Haute-Marne
Champagne Ardenne / Chaumont

Pays de la Loire / Laval

54: Meurthe-et-Moselle
Lorraine / Nancy

55: Meuse
Lorraine / Bar-le-Duc

Brittany / Vannes

57: Moselle
Lorraine / Metz

Burgundy / Nevers

59: Nord
Nord Pas de Calais / Lille

60: Oise
Picardy / Beauvais

61: Orne
Lower Normandy / Alencon

62: Pas-de-Calais
Nord Pas de Calais / Arras

Auvergne / Clermont-Ferrand


Midi Pyrenees / Tarbes

Languedoc Roussillon / Perpignan

Alsace / Strasbourg

Alsace / Colmar

69: Rhône
Rhone-Alps / Lyon

70: Haute-Saône
Franche Comte / Vesoul


72: Sarthe
Pays de la Loire / Le Mans

73: Savoie
Rhone-Alps / Chambery

Rhone-Alps / Annecy

75: Paris
Paris / Paris

Upper Normandy / Rouen

77: Seine-et-Marne
Paris / Melun

78: Yvelines
Paris / Versailles

79: Deux-Sèvres
Poitou Charentes / Niort

80: Somme
Picardy / Amiens

81: Tarn
Midi Pyrenees / Albi

Midi Pyrenees / Montauban

83: Var
Provence / Toulon

Provence / Avignon

Pays de la Loire / La Roche-sur-Yon

86: Vienne
Poitou Charentes / Poitiers

Limousin / Limoges

88: Vosges
Lorraine / Epinal

89: Yonne
Burgundy / Auxerre

90: Territoire de Belfort
Franche Comte / Belfort

91: Essonne
Paris / Evry
see Paris (no 75 above)

92: Hauts-de-Seine
Paris / Nanterre
see Paris (no 75 above)

93: Seine-Saint-Denis
Paris / Bobigny
see Paris (no 75 above)

94: Val-de-Marne
Paris / Créteil
see Paris (no 75 above)

95: Val-d’Oise
Paris / Cergy-Pontoise
see Paris (no 75 above)


* Note: these listings provide complete alphabetical list of all the communes in France, by department - which in turn will provide you with maps, tourist information, hotels and places of interest for each of these communes (Paris communes are grouped together).

The four overseas departments are Guadelope, Martinique, La Réunion and Guyane

See 'Places to visit in France' for a map of the regions of France. This list of departments in France should help if you know what department you want to visit e.g. Dordogne 24 but you don't know which region it forms part of.

Map of the departments of France.

map of the departments of france

Discover the communes of France

A commune in France is a local 'administrative unit' and can be as small as a few hectares - or as large as Paris! There are about 36,000 communes in total across the country.

Almost every town or village you have ever heard of in France is a commune, although occasionally very small places are part of an adjoining commune, or a cluster of scattered small villages might have different village names but share the same commune name (this will be marked on the village signpost as you enter).


Communes themselves then form part of one of the 96 departments of France, which themselves are part of the 22 regions of metropolitan France.

Starting from the indexes below you can locate almost every place in France - and certain information - their position on a map, local places of interest, airports and hotels nearby etc. Either search by alphabetical order or see the communes listed by department.

Search and explore French communes

Find communes by department

Ain communes & places

Aisne communes & places

Allier communes & places

Alpes-de-Haute-Provence communes & places

Alpes-Maritimes communes & places

Ardèche communes & places

Ardennes communes & places

Ariege communes & places

Aube communes & places

Aude communes & places

Aveyron communes & places

Bas-Rhin communes & places

Bouches du Rhone communes & places

Calvados communes & places

Cantal communes & places

Charente communes & places

Charente-Maritime communes & places

Cher communes & places

Correze communes & places

Corsica communes & places

Cote d'Or communes & places

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Low price car rentals in France

Be sure to get a car hire quote from carhireengine before you book elsewhere...!

General Car Hire Advice and warnings

If you have never driven a car in France see driving in France for local rules and guidance. The comments below apply to anyone hiring and driving a car abroad, whichever country it is:

- Cheap is good, but cheapest is not always best! car hire companies vary in what is included in the price and have a tendency to try and add costs when you collect the car (e.g. overpriced children car seats, extra insurance) that you might not have needed with a different company. try and be clear what the price includes

- beware of petrol policy. Some car hire companies now supply a car on the basis that it is given you with a full tank of petrol but should be returned with an empty tank, and they will charge you for one tank of petrol as well as the rental cost. apart from the fact their petrol is unlikely to be competitively priced, if you don't drive much and only use half the tank of petrol you have still paid for a whole tank

- Size is important. We have hired a 'seats 4' car ourselves only to find it had literally no boot space at all. Changing to a larger car at the time of collection is a good way to ensure you are paying the highest possible price for your car rental! Much better to make sure the vehicle is big enough to travel around in comfort in the first place!

Extra rental costs

Additional charges are often levied by car rental companies for:

  • additional drivers
  • extra insurance such as collision damage waiver - you can typically buy a separate policy from insurance companies to cover this at much less cost
  • GPS systems are often available at an extra cost. Before you pay, make sure yours can be used in English if you don't speak French...
  • child seats can cost 10 euros a day each, roof racks a similar amount
  • air conditioning, which is usually a necessity in the south of France
  • most companies will charge for cleaning if you bring the car back in a poor state at the end of your stay. No eating in the car is a good rule!
  • hire cars typically have quite a generous milage allowance, but one might still apply. If it dies don't exceed it or the cost will likely by excessively expensive

Other information and suggestions

Check that you know where the petrol cap is and how to open it! Also be sure you know what kind of fuel (petrol or diesel) it uses - I was called over by a desperate driver in the motorway services recently, who had hired a car and had no idea whether it took diesel or petrol, and as far as we could see it didn't say anywhere at all in the documents...

In France your car will include an accident report form which must be filled in correctly in case of an incident

When you arrive to pick up your France rental car be sure you have checked it for every little dent, scratch or missing hubcap so that there is no dispute when you return the vehicle.

Paris city breaks

From cheap weekend Paris breaks to a fortnight in the city of romance, a visit is quick and easy to organise, and need not cost too much. There are hotels in Paris to suit all budgets, flights are available from all major cities, and combined flight-hotel deals also often offer great prices.

Find Hotels in Paris

Holidays & transport

Getting to Paris

Flights to Paris
Eurotunnel / trains


Family friendly Paris Camping Holidays


Give the children a day out at Disneyland


If you are staying in Paris for a week or more see also apartments in Paris


Stop Dreaming, Start Planning your Trips to Paris now!

Too complicated to plan it all yourself or simply don't have the time? See the 'flight + hotel' paris option. Everything you need for your perfect Paris break is included here - from hotels to prebooked guided tours, from Disneyland to cheap entry to all the major attractions - and all from leading suppliers at best prices.

Paris Hotels

To offer a very wide selection of hotels in Paris - you can choose from more than 950 hotels - we work with booking.com, one of the leading hotel suppliers in the world and with very competitive prices - including their best price guarantee (see their site for details). Book online, pay at the hotel.

Search for Paris Hotels

Flights to Paris

The price of flights to Paris varies a great deal according to when you travel and how far in advance you book your flights. Search for the best prices on flights to Paris:

Cheap flights to Paris

Camping Paris Holidays

Keycamp have two great Paris locations where you can stay with easy access to Paris and also Disneyland Paris, in the well-maintained family-orientated campsites for which they are known (and loved) across France. A Paris camping holiday is also one of the lowest cost ways to visit the city.

See KeyCamp Paris Holidays

Pre-arranged Trips

If you don't want the hassle of organising flights and hotels separately, we are pleased to recommend Expedia for complete combined packages ie hotels and flights booked together -they have a long track record of successfully organising city breaks at great prices. (see search box above)

Paris Pass

The Paris Pass is a great idea for your visit. The price includes entrance to many of the highlights and attractions in Paris, free travel on the Metro and other public transport, and gives you the chance to avoid some of the queues as well. Save money, save time and save the hassle

Buy a Paris Pass

Disneyland Paris

No page about visiting Paris would be complete without including Disneyland Paris, and no mention of Disneyland Paris would be complete without a big colourful all-singing all-dancing advert. So here is one. Click on it and make your children very happy, Paris city breaks wouldn't be the same without a day out at Disneyland!

More Information

Travel to Paris: If you want to discover some of the Paris highlights before you book your city break, visit our Paris Travel guide - which includes some interesting articles for out of the way places, best vantage points, etc.

Eating in Paris: See Eat in Paris, the No. 1 Internet guide for restaurants to visit during your Paris break, where you can choose from an up-to-date selection of more than 2200 establishments.

Gardens to visit: Visit Paris Gardens for some of the most interesting gardens to enjoy during your stay.

Flight routes to Paris (from the UK): see schedule of flights to Paris France

This is an index for all the places reviewed on france this way. Please see explore France if you prefer to start exploring by French region. There are two indexes below:

1) Places of interest, tourist sites, and places that have been reviewed on francethisway

2) A list of all places (communes) in France. Since these are 36,000 of these the lists can be a little unwieldy, but are a useful way to quickly identify all the places of interest near a selected destination town or place, or to find hotels nearby - not every visit to France revolves around a tourist destination!.



Note: the indexed pages on the lower list include ALL communes in France - about 36,000 of them! There are many we have no information for (and many that are of no interest to tourists) but each has a page showing it's location, places of interest nearby, hotels in the region etc. So you can use these detailed lists of places to explore around a place, even if the place itself is very small!

Browse the letter of your choice for a particular place, or use the 'search site' at the top of each page to find a particular place in France, or use the menu options to explore France by region.

Some of the site sections you might find interesting to visit can be seen in the index of special places in France.

France holiday ideas and inspiration

You know that you want to come to France...but don't yet know where, or what to do?

See below for some inspiration with ideas based on our own extensive travels in France, whatever type of visit you are searching for, from a fortnight on a beach in summer to a springtime tour of the best gardens in France - some are very well known, others a little off the beaten track...

We recommend you also browse through our hundreds of featured France travel articles for more ideas.

Brittany beach


COAST: On the Code de Granit Rose in northern Brittany, Perros-Guirec is well placed to explore lovely beaches and coastline

Perros-Guirec (Brittany)



COAST: Arcachon is a lovely resort with impressive sandy beaches on the Atlantic coast in south-west France

Arcachon (Aquitaine)



COAST: With its 19th century architecture and popular beach Deauville is among our favourite Normandy resorts

Deauville (Normandy)


Nice, Riviera

COAST: The most visited resort in France, Nice is also a major city with an extensive historic centre & numerous attractions

Nice (Alpes-Maritimes)


Gorges du Tarn

SCENERY: the stunning beauty of the Gorges du Tarn is further enhanced by the traditional pretty villages along the gorges

Gorges du Tarn (Midi-Pyrenees)



VILLAGES: enjoy a few days exploring the countryside and villages in the Ardeche region

Ardeche (Rhône-Alpes)



SCENERY / VILLAGES: the Luberon in Provence has numerous medieval villages set in exceptional scenery

Luberon (Provence)

Lot Valley

Lot Valley

SCENERY: the Lot Valley contains some very picturesque scenery and also lovely villages

Lot Valley (Midi-Pyrenees)


Visit Corsica

Beaches & Scenery: Corsica has remarkable mountain scenery and a beautiful coastline and beaches

tours of Corsica

Dordogne castles

Dordogne Castles

CASTLES: as well as some of the loveliest scenery & villages in France, the Dordogne has numerous medieval castles

Dordogne Châteaux

Loire castles

Loire Castles

CASTLES: the Loire Valley is famous for the stunning Renaissance castles built in the region

Loire Valley Châteaux

Vendee beach


CHILDREN: Vendee has exceptional family friendly beaches and lots of other children activities

Vendee (Pays-de-la-Loire)

Amusement Parks

Amusement Parks

CHILDREN: As well as Disneyland, France contains many other popular Theme Parks

Theme Parks in France


Long weekends

SHORT BREAKS: There are lots of towns in France that make perfect 'short getaway' destinations...

Short Breaks in France



COAST: the picturesque seaside resort of Collioure also has a pretty old town to explore

Collioure (Languedoc)

Jura department


SCENERY: often overlooked by visitors, the Jura has exceptional scenery, vineyards, villages...

Jura (Franche-Comté)


Need more travel inspiration?

For more suggestions perhaps one of these these will inspire you:


Long visits and short trips

Take a long Break in France and Spain

The camino pilgrimage paths across France pass through many beautiful places en route - and can take a couple of months to complete. See French pilgrim paths

or a Short Break in France

For a short break in France, see our hints to get you organised quickly and at low cost - Short break in France and for those with even less time to spare - perhaps a day trip to France!

Activity Holidays

The above are just a few suggestions and don't begin to cover the many beautiful places to be discovered in all regions of France. Be sure to explore the site to discover hundreds more options for your visit, and let us know if your 'inspiration' is somewhere else altogether different...

Holiday villages in France

Holiday villages and holiday resorts are a very popular way to visit France, providing excellent value for money and great facilities.

According to the resort, you can expect outdoor and indoor swimming pools, tennis courts, free childrens' clubs, restaurants and bars on site, even golf...

Many of the villages are also in great locations near some of the most beautiful regions of France, including beach holidays in places such as the French Riviera, Vendee and the Atlantic Coast.

The locations of the main 'holiday villages' are shown on the map to the right - just choose your location to get started!

More holiday residences

As well as these popular holiday villages, Pierre and Vacances have a large number - almost 200 - of other holiday apartments and residences, offering slightly less facilities but still with all you need for the perfect trip.

Of course, many of these are near the coast and the most popular seaside towns such as Saint-Tropez and Cannes on the Riviera, Belle Dune in northern France (very convenient for those arriving in Calais) and Houlgate in Normandy.

Perhaps you associate holiday residences with the seaside but in fact Pierre et Vacances have apartments in the countryside as well, in locations including Pont Royal near Aix-en-Provence, Eguisheim in Alsace, the Ardeche, at Loches in the Loire valley and Argentat in the Limousin.

Tip: when travelling ourselves out of season we sometimes stay in one of the countryside holiday apartments ourselves because of their exceptional locations and value for money, and because they give us a bit more flexibility than we get from staying in a hotel (they are great for cyclists and hikers!)

Likewise, there is a wide choice of accommodation in the mountains for both winter sports and summer exploring in the most popular resorts such as Courchevel, Avoriaz and Belle Plagne.

You can see details of all these and more at Pierre & Vacances

Last minute special offers

We should also mention one other highlight for the budget-conscious! Over the years we have found that Pierre and Vacances are probably the company that has most consistently given good discounts on their prices, both for those who book early and for last-minute bookings, and also other occasional special offers e.g. during school holidays.

If you think you would like to stay in one of these holiday villages or apartments but it would be too expensive, and would be cheaper for you to book a holiday rental or hotel, we highly recommend that you check their website for any special offers, often at extremely good prices.

For example, at the time of writing you can book a week for 4 people in August at Cap Esterel, in an apartment with a sea view, for £775 / 1200 USD (I have stayed at Cap Esterel myself which is why it caught my attention).

This offer will have expired by the time you are reading this but there are always others - see current special offers.

National Monuments of France

The Abbey at Cluny, one of the best known French National Monuments

There are 85 designated national monuments in France, places of historical importance that are now looked after by the state for the benefit of all.

The national Monuments cover a wide range of buildings and structures, from archaeological sites and prehistoric caves to renaissance castles and buildings housing items relating to important people in France's history (eg the collection related to Marshall Foch).

Read more ...

This section is about the challenges and realities of moving to France, either to retire or to setup in business. All the common problems are examined - from getting a mortgage to buy a French property to learning the language and putting your children into a French school. Each section has several parts.

Buying a property in France

  1. An introduction: Buy property in France
  2. How to choose a region to move to: Where to live in France
  3. How to actually Find a property to buy
  4. How to finance the deal: Finances of buying a house in France
  5. Completing on your purchase: Close the deal

find a suitable property to renovate with our search at buy a house in France

French mortgages

  1. mortgages introduction: French mortgages (part 1)

General French information

  1. Special article: getting married in France

Moving to France - what to expect during the first few months:

  1. An introduction: Living in France
  2. Finding the best removal companies between the UK and France
  3. Financial considerations: Finances of moving to France
  4. Moving on a limited budget / how little money can you move with: Relocating on a budget
  5. Language considerations: problems with learning French: Language problems for expats
  6. Meeting people and becoming established: living in a French community
  7. Schools and education: expat children in French schools
  8. Driving: see driving in France

Property Renovation in France

Renovating a ruin or converting a barn in France? see Property renovation in France

Running a gite business in France

We have several articles to cover this popular topic, essential reading if you are thinking of moving to France to run gites or holiday rentals:

  1. Why run gites in France
  2. How much to pay for your holiday rental business
  3. Day-to-day practicalities of running a holiday business
  4. Why might it fail
  5. Marketing gites

If you live in France and have experiences of French life to share, or you would like to live in France, please send us an article about yourself or your business. We would like to establish a series of 'real-life' stories for our site visitors. As well as the prestige (!) of seeing your article in print you will also gain a little publicity for your business!

Many of the topics on this page are also covered informally in our French life blog where descriptions of our day to day experiences are enhanced by comments from other experienced French expats.

Information within this section (and all the france this way site) is provided for guidance only and francethisway can in no circumstances be held liable for the information, which is supplied in good faith but should be verified with an appropriate legal adviser.

Discover Saint-Ceneri-le-Gerei

St-Ceneri-le-Gerei is a very pretty village in a lovely wooded setting on a bend in the River Sarthe in the heart of southern Normandy, in the Orne department to the south-west of Alencon, and officially classified as a 'most beautiful village of France'.

The history of the village dates from the 7th century when an Italian called Ceneri decided to settle here, having witnessed a miracle, and soon attracted a group of disciples who constructed a monastery (the original monastery was destroyed by the vikings in the early 10th century).

Read more ...

We have several sections dedicated to aspects of information about France:

History of France

To discover the history of France, from prehistoric France to the French Revolution - see History of France

French art and culture

to learn more of the renowned art and culture of France, featuring important art movements (eg impressionism), famous French artists, film directors etc - see French art and culture

French language

for some of the most useful French phrases and some suggestions about the best ways to learn French see French phrases

French wildlife and animals and natural environment

The diverse range of habitats in France means there is a wide variety in the types of wildlife and animals you might come across. See French wildlife for some of the most common species.

There is a close relationship between the wildlife in a region and its natural environment - see French biomes for the various environments encountered in France.

France weather

France information (general French things...)

  1. France facts: some facts about France, population, size, language etc
  2. French symbols: from the Eiffel Tower to the beret, from the cockerel to the French flag, there are numerous French things that are widely recognised as French symbols
  3. Markets in France - why we love them!
  4. a schedule of French Public Holidays - time your visit to include Bastille Day perhaps?
  5. some French phrases and words in common use in English speaking countries: French sayings
  6. the words for the French national anthem
  7. the French education system
  8. French language speakers - how many people speak French, and where they live (hint: many countries outside France itself!)
  9. French currency : Learn about the euro and the history of the original French Franc
  10. The Tour de France, the greatest race for road bikes to be found anywhere in the world, despite recent controversies...
  11. Speed limits, drink-driving and rules of the road in France: Driving in France - keep it safe and sensible
  12. How far is one place from another? See Driving distances in France for a guide
  13. Summary of information for visitors to France: France holiday information (can I drink the water etc...)

Tourist information and popular places for tourists to visit

  1. the famous places in France (most well known places in France)
  2. World heritage sites in France
  3. The Natural and historical beauty of the listed Grand sites of France
  4. the top places to visit in France (most visited places in France)
  5. the biggest French towns and cities
  6. follow the Pilgrim paths of France - the paths of the medieval pilgrims as they headed towards the great pilgrimage destination at Santiago de Compostella
  7. the best French beaches
  8. seven of our favourite towns for shopping in France
  9. and to help you get here...a map of all the popular France airports

Top 10 Lists

A bit more light-hearted, we have come up with some Top 10 lists for France, from the top French quotes and cheeses, to French popstars, and from French classic cars to the most infamous French criminals - see top 10 lists for these and more...

French culture and way of life

 Through history, and perhaps above all during the 19th century, France has played a leading role in the arts and has been influential in their development both within France and elsewhere, especially across Europe.

The French artists, the poets and writers, the music and the architecture are perhaps the best known examples  - think of the chateaux of the Loire Valley, or perhaps the  Impressionist Art movement that largely originated in France, or the great novels by Victor Hugo or Marcel Proust.

Read more ...

French recipes - common easy recipes from France

French drinks

Three refreshing drinks to enjoy on your summer holiday...and a drink with a bad reputation...!

The recipes above are the most traditional French dishes - notes follow if you have never heard of them!


French Recipes and Food Guides:

Main Course :

cassoulet recipe - great sausage duck and beans dish from Toulouse
boeuf bourguignon recipe - rich beef in red wine stew
coq au vin recipe - !!!
navarin recipe - traditional French lamb stew
choucroute garnie recipe - sauerkraut and sausages from Alsace

Desserts :

Cherry Cake recipe- very quick and easy
Apple tart - tarte aux pommes - recipe - very traditional
Ile flottante recipe - as served by every low-price restaurant in France
Creme brulee recipe - as served by every single restaurant in France
Mousse au chocolat recipe - yum
Sabayon - light and fluffy custard

French Specialities :

Moules Frites - mussels and chips
Confit de Canard - preserved duck (don't misss this one!)
Truffle Omelette - south west france speciality
Quiche Lorraine - known by all eaten by real men?
Piperade - tomatoes, peppers and...scrambled eggs

Other French Food Specialities

French bread

Cheese - roquefort (recipe - cauliflower and roquefort soup)...brie de meaux (recipe - cheese and onion tart)...

French mustard - dijon...

a couple of tasty dressings for your salads: try garlic vinaigrette and french dressing


French Food

The recipes here are those that best represent the food that French people eat day in and day out, with locally available ingredients, and are quick and easy to make at home, as well as being very tasty. Food is of great importance to the French, and forms a great part of the French tradition. See French food for general information about regional variations or French cuisine for a basic introduction.

We also have articles looking at the French wine classifications and the Michelin guide, the ultimate guide to the best French hotels and restaurants, and some notes about Basque Cookery.

You can also read about a traditional communal French meal - the menu for our local commune dinner: vermicelli soup, melon with port, venison...


I have not always bothered too much with quantities in the French recipes, since these depend on how many people there are and so on, and because the quantities are reasonably unimportant. If your cassoulet has more pork and less toulouse sausage, that is not a big problem! For critical recipes I have included quantities.

You will also see that I have included some of the more derided recipes, such as coq au vin and quiche lorraine. It's not my fault if 1000 pubs and restaurants have ruined them, try making them yourself!

Property renovation in France and barn renovation in France

Buying and renovating a property in France can be stressful, time-consuming and expensive - but get it right and it will be the most exciting decision you ever made, with a lovely home or a lifetime of great holidays to follow!
Read more ...

It isn't easy to know where to start when you are planning to visit France! We suggest you first select a region, then a department within that region, then an area within that department when deciding where to visit...to get you started, below we mention the main reasons each region attracts visitors

Our travel guides review each region of France, then each regional travel guide has more detailed department travel guides, each in turn with reviews and guides for many of the most popular places to visit throughout France. Start exploring here:

Northern France with Brittany, Normandy & Paris

northern France guide

The north-west is a very popular region of France with visitors, including the coastline and islands of Brittany, the popular family beaches of the Western Loire (Pays-de-la-Loire region) and the unspoiled countryside, gardens and traditional architecture of Normandy

The north-east region includes the popular villages and vineyards and villages of Alsace, while the other regions of northern France include Lorraine, Picardy and Nord-Pas-de-Calais and the famous champagne producing region of Champagne-Ardenne.

See the Paris travel guide if you are planning a visit to the most famous city in the world!


Central France with the Loire Valley & Burgundy

central France guide

The Burgundy region is best known for its scenery, historic towns and vineyards, while further west the Loire Valley (the Centre region) contains numerous world famous chateaux.

To the east of here are the attractive hills and countryside of the Franche Comte region, while the western coast and Poitou-Charentes includes highlights such as historic La Rochelle and the beaches of the Ile-de-Ré.

In the heart of France, the Limousin region includes some of the least visited but most attractive scenery in the country and you can enjoy the rugged beauty and unspoiled countryside of the Auvergne region, also part of the extensive Massif Central area.

Southern France with Provence and the Dordogne

Provence guide

The south-east attracts more visitors than any other region of France because of the many scenic highlights and extensive Mediterranean coast in Provence and along the Cote d'Azur (French Riviera). The very scenic Rhone Alpes region is to the north of here and Corsica, often referred to as the 'Island of Beauty', is off the coast to the south.

Travelling west from here it is the coast and scenery of Languedoc-Roussillon that attracts many visitors, while the Midi-Pyrenees extends northwards from the Pyrenees mountains along the Spanish border to the villages and gorges around Cahors and Figeac.

In south-west France the Aquitaine region is famous for its Atlantic beaches, 19th century resorts such as Biarritz, and the countryside and villages of the Dordogne department.