Yonne places to visit and attractions

Below you can explore some of the most popular highlights and places of interest in the Yonne department of Burgundy. See also our detailed Yonne guide.

Yonne sightseeing and tourist information

photo of Ancy-le-Franc castle

Ancy-le-Franc castle

The 15th century castle at Ancy-le-Franc was one of the very first renaissance style castles to be built in France [...]

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photo of Auxerre


With its cathedral and churches, and extensive historic centre with half-timbered houses and an imposing belltower [...]

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photo of Avallon


Avallon is a very pleasant town to explore with some very imposing medieval buildings, and the countryside of the M [...]

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photo of Chablis


Best known for the very famous wines of the same name, Chablis is also a pleasant village to explore with plenty of [...]

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photo of Guedelon


At the remarkable site of Guedelon an entire medieval castle is being reconstructed using traditional techniques [...]

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photo of Joigny


In the centre of the the traditional local town of Joigny you can see some medieval houses with wood-carvings and s [...]

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photo of Montreal


Behind its fortified entrance, the small village of Montreal is a very unspoiled medieval village [...]

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photo of Noyers-sur-Serein


The half-timbered houses and riverside setting make Noyers-sur-Serein one of our favourite small towns in this regi [...]

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photo of Pontigny


The abbey at Pontigny is one of the best known and substantial Cistercian abbeys in France [...]

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photo of Sens


Sens is an important regional centre dominated by the Cathedral of Saint-Etienne, the first gothic style cathedral [...]

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photo of Tanlay castle

Tanlay castle

The frescoes and interior decoration are among the highlights of a visit to the moated Tanlay castle [...]

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photo of Tonnerre


There are two impressive sites to see in Tonnerre: the medieval hospital complex, and the water source called the F [...]

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photo of Vezelay


Even if it didn't have one of the most famous abbeys in France, Vezelay village would attract a great deal of visit [...]

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For more information about the department see the detailed Yonne travel guide


Market towns & days in Yonne

all markets in morning unless otherwise stated

Aillant-sur-Tholon: Tuesday
Ancy-le-Franc: Thursday
Auxerre: Tuesday & Sunday & Friday
Avallon: Saturday
Bleneau: Tuesday
Chablis: Sunday
Joigny: Wednesday & Saturday
Migennes: Thursday
Pont-sur-Yonne: Wednesday & Sunday
Saint-Fargeau: Friday
Saint-Florentin: Monday
Saint-Julien-du-Sault: Sunday
Saint-Sauveur-en-Puisaye: Wednesday
Saint-Valerien: Saturday
Sens: Wednesday & Monday all day & Friday
Tonnerre: Saturday
Toucy: Saturday
Vermenton: Friday
Villeneuve-l'Archeveque: Saturday
Villeneuve-la-Guyard: Monday
Villeneuve-sur-Yonne: Tuesday & Friday

Selected tourist attractions in the Yonne department

The following sites have received official "tourist classifications"...

4* Towns in Bloom

Sens: Tourist guide

Towns of Art and History

Auxerre: Tourist guide

Joigny: Tourist guide

Secteur Sauvegardé (protected historical town centre)

Auxerre: Tourist guide

Joigny: Tourist guide

Vezelay: Tourist guide

Listed 'Remarkable Gardens'

Parc du château de Thorigny

Religious Monuments

Abbaye de Pontigny (Pontigny)

Eglise de Saint Martial (Seignelay)

towns classified as Recommended Detours

Joigny: Tourist guide

Villages classified as "most beautiful villages"

Noyers-sur-Serein: Tourist guide

UNESCO world heritage sites

Asquins église St Jacques (monuments on French pilgrim routes)

Vezelay: Tourist guide

Vézelay basilica St Madeleine (monuments on French pilgrim routes): Tourist guide