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The weekly market in Beaumont-de-Lomagne has been held in the same merket hall, in the town centre, since the 14th century

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Brousse-le-Chateau is an idyllic little village of steep cobbled streets on the banks of the Tarn and Alrance rivers

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This pretty village in the Aubrac region has several monumentsof note, including the Chateau d'Estaing

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Mont Dol is a small village with a hill top on which stands a windmill and a small chapel.

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After exploring the walled historic centre of Vence you can take a stroll to the nearby Matisse Chapel

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Although small Allemans-du-Dropt has a few monuments of interest of which our favourite is the church with its medieval frescoes.

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Departments, towns and villages

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The 22 regions of France are further divided into departments of France and these contain the 35,800 places in France - usually towns and villages.

You can also use our index of places in France to find any place you are looking for when planning your trip.

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Food and drink in France

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No visit to France would be complete without enjoying some traditional French recipes, and every lover of France knows what an important role food has for the French.

We include the most traditional French recipes such as cassoulet and tarte aux pommes, and lots of others that are less common but equally tasty!

Facts and figures

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See the France Info section for loads of facts, figures and fun for anything French, from the history of the baguette to the words of the Marseillaise, and much more besides.

We also have some great photos of animals you might encounter at wildlife in France.

History and culture

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Read about the history of France from prehistory onwards and visit some of the castles in France.

The history and culture of France are closely linked - see France culture which looks at artists, language, architecture, French film directors...

Living in France

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If you are relocating to France take a look at our property to buy in France...

...but first you might like to see information about expat finances and the practicalities of moving to and buying property in France - visit the Life in France section or see our French Life blog